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Review + Tutorial: Skinaz The Kissable Lip 24H Lip Tattoo*


I spend a whole lot of my time watching tv shows: American, Taiwanese and Korean. Korean tv shows are my ultimate guilty pleasure! They come up with the craziest storylines and they’re terribly addicting. I honestly can’t help but wonder how the Korean celebrities pull of their looks! Straight, archless brows, glowing skin, tangerine cheeks, stained lips, etc. I’m amazed at how Korean beauty brands have been able to create millions of products that really cater to its women but I’m also happy that more Filipino beauty brands are doing that same thing for Filipinas. But lucky for us, other cultural trends are so easily within our reach through the arrival of their beauty products.



Stained lips are all the rage right now in Korea and I’m so excited to share the cult product that can achieve this trendy look. Skinaz The Kisaable Lips 24h Lip Tattoo comes in 5 beautiful colors: Girlish Pink, Orange Marmalade, Spicy Red, and Burgundy Shower. But for today, I’ll only be talking about girlish pink. The lip tattoo comes comes in a lipgloss tube and contains 13ml worth of product. It’s such a unique, trendy product and I’ve never encountered anything like it. It’s designed to be applied lavishly on the lips. Once it is dried out, a layer of the product is supposed to be peeled off the lips leaving a natural stain on the lips.



Girlish pink initially looks like an outrageous, almost neon pink but the stain that it leaves really lives up to it’s name. The stain it leaves is truly reminiscent of the naturally stained lips that I keep on seeing on Korean actresses. It’s amazing.

Application and Texture

The texture is very similar to a clear lip gloss. It’s sticky and tacky but I think it’s designed as such in order for the product to work. Upon application, I felt a very mild sting on my lips. It’s not too uncomfortable, but it’s there. After a few seconds, my lips starting sticking to each other. However, in order to remove the product perfectly, I kept my mouth shut for a good 5-10 minutes until the gloss completely dried down. Once it was dry, I carefully took off the layer of product with mild difficulty, given that my lips are perpetually dry.


Although it claims to last for 24 hours, I find that the stain diminished after my first meal. At the end of the day, a very light and subtle stain remained on my lips.

Tips and Instructions on How to Use:

1. For those with dry lips, make sure to moisturize  your lips with clear petroleum jelly or any lip conditioning product. Apply the product generously until your lips are coated with the product evenly. I tried using a regular amount of product and I ended up peeling just a small amount of product which is why I recommend that a generous amount of product is applied.


bare, conditioned lips 



2. Wait until the product dries down. Carefully peel off the product.




carefully peel off the product

3. For those with dry lips, finish off with a colorless lip conditioner.



Final Thoughts 

I love the product for the uniqueness of the experience it brings. There are a lot of lipstains in the market but this is the first time I’ve experienced having to apply and peel something off my lips. I like the natural, Korean-style pinkish shade that it leaves on my lips. However, this type of product doesn’t really suit my problematic dry lips even if I apply a lip conditioner beforehand. My lips always have excess dry skin waiting to be peeled off and this doesn’t really go well with the dynamics of this product. However, I’ve seen a ton of videos of girls with plump and juicy lips looking being able to pull of this product so, I think a lot of girls still will enjoy this product. Also, this might not be for girls who are always on the run because application involves a few steps of waiting. However, I can still also imagine this working for a lot of girls who enjoy taking their time when applying makeup, and of course for those who want to achieve Korean-stained-lips.


max 2



*This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and comments are completely mine.

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  • Reply Beauty By Tellie

    It looks like a 1-step gradient to me, actually. I find it appealing if you’re going for that look :)

    07/15/2015 at 5:23 PM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      Hi Tellie!

      I think my problematic lips are a factor in the result of the final look haha! Since my lips aren’t the best base for the tint to sink into, it might have caused the gradient effect. But I’ve seen it work fully on other people. :) Have you tried the gradient lipsticks from Tony Moly? :)

      07/15/2015 at 5:27 PM
  • Reply Asami

    Hi Maxine!

    Where did you find this? Did you get it in Korea? If so, where? Gahhh! I really want to try it out!

    08/06/2015 at 4:01 PM
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