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    Seize the Moment with Camp Courage PH


    Most of us went through that dreaded awkward teenage phase called puberty. Yes, a select few people from the population were blessed with good genes and were thus able to transition into adulthood smoothly. But for the rest of us, it’s a stage we’d all rather forget. Thankfully, I had my mom to give me the right information and tools to help me go on daily activities without any worries of experiencing any unfortunate “accidents”.

    Times have passed and I’m proud to say that I’ve successfully gone through that wretched time in my life. However, there are still a lot of Filipina teens today who feel helpless and insecure because of the bodily changes they go through. And these insecurities tend to hold them back from seizing opportunities in life.  But, I have good news for today’s modern day Filipina teens! Johnson and Johnson Philippines has launched a campaign to address the needs of Filipina teens called Camp Courage. 

    DSCF3404 With brands such Clean and & Clear, Carefree, and Modess on board the Camp Courage campaign, teenagers will be provided the right tools and information to face their fears, live in the moment and make a move. Camp Courage will go around the Philippines and visit 500 schools nationwide in order to spread the news to about 400,000 Filipina teens.

    They will also be launching a website, http://www.ourcampcourage.ph where teens can interact with each other and share stories and information to help them continue on making shining moments in their life, worry free!

    I personally think that this is a beautiful and empowering campaign. Aside from providing teens with the right tools to overcome their insecurities, Camp Courage will be bringing inspirational speakers to speak to Filipina teenagers nationwide. One of them is Mary Clare Prosperity Pineda, with whom I share the same alma mater. Another one of them is Isabel Maria Flores Garcia of http://www.everydayisa.worpress.com whose advocacy is geared towards teen empowerment. They are just some of the brave, beautiful and talented speakers that will be reaching out to Filipina teens all nationwide. Even if I had my mom to guide me through puberty, I wish I had the opportunity to listen to such inspiring women like them. xoxo,

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    Instagram Update: 1


    Hello guys!

    How has your week been going? I just wanna share what I’ve been up to during the past week via the photos from my instagram! This new section of my blog is one of the things that I decided to commit to posting on my blog every week. I think it’s a great way to show you guys a part of my life without over sharing. :)


    definitely the coolest burger I’ve tried in a long time! Putting up a review on this soon. :)


    This photo came with my comeback post!


    When josh gave me the prettiest sun flower to cheer me up because last week was a very tiring school week. <3


    couple OOTD!

    Josh: Ralph Lauren polo, Topman pants, Sebago shoes; Max: Warehouse Top, HnM pants, f21 shoes <#


    tried our project pie for the first time!! it was really good, AAHH :)


    my mom bought tickets for the whole fam + J to try out the burgers from the burger cook out at Rockwell! I think it’s an amazing way to be able to use your resources to and contribute to the rebuilding of Visayas. Mine was a double patty with poached pears and truffled aioli. It’s P500 per burger + drink and fries!

    That’s all for now guys! :)

    Leave your usernames below so that I can know what you guys have been doing! :)



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    Hey Reader


    Hi guys!

    I haven’t posted a blog entry in the past two months or so. I would like to apologize for that but I’d just like to quickly explain why I stopped blogging for a while. As you all know, I’ve always complained about my photography skills and I have been feeling extra insecure about how I take my blog photos recently. I’m very critical about the blogs I read and one of the things I look for in a blog that I want to read is beautiful photos. Because of this, I’ve become very critical of my blog photos and kind of kept delaying myself when it comes to posting entries.

    My boyfriend, Josh knows how much I used to enjoy blogging and encouraged me to get back into it so here I am! :) To make sure I get to blog more this 2014, I’ve decided to commit myself to “scheduling” my entries. I promise to post 2 makeup related entries, one date night entry (restaurant reviews), and one instagram-update entry eevry week!  This is a huge challenge for me so wish me luck!

    Here’s to a new year, a more confident Maxie, and lots of rambles on beauty, food, and adventures!





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    Paperplanes Manila


    Hi everyone!

    I’m back with my first ever lifestyles related post! I really want to try to incorporate lifestyle posts into my blog so that those who aren’t really into beauty can still find something interesting to read. My friend Gila Salvador from Paperplanes Manila asked me if she could send me some stuff from her new online shop that sells CUSTOMIZED (amazing right omg) hardbound notebooks! She didn’t ask me to write up a review of any sort like that in exchange for the goodies but since I really feel like the products are worth blogging about, I decided to dedicate a blog post to review my goodies! <3

    She sent me the following: a 5 subject customizable notebook, a customizable binder, and a laptop decal. She asked me to pick out the design I wanted. Paperplanes Manila has a wide array of designs to choose from! You can even send in your own design if you want. :) It’s fully customizable!

    5 Subject Notebook

    The notebook is neatly wrapped in plastic to ensure its durability. I also really like the fact that the notebook is quite heavy which just shows how STURDY it is! I feel like it will last me more than a semester. :) The design I chose came out so nicely that I already had classmates asking about it when I started using it in school!  The 5 subject notebook has 175-200 unruled pages to “stimulate creativity”. I like that I can use it for up to 5 subjects (or even more) because I have more or less 5 subjects for school.  

    I forgot to choose a design for the back so Gila took my blog header and put in on the back. It was so sweet of her; she placed it there without telling me. :)

    The first page comes with this useful page that can help people locate me in case I lose my notebook or in case something happens to me.

    They have 3 kinds of paper to choose from: class A bond paper, scrap book (brown) paper and cream paper. I opted for the classic bond paper.

    Customized Binder

    The customized binder is the size of a long bond paper but they also offer binders for short bond 
    papers. I went for the one that accommodates long bond papers to maximize the use of my binder. :) The binder is neatly covered with plastic like my notebook.

    Gila took it upon herself to add my full name at the back of my binder too. <3 I can’t believe I forgot to tell her what I wanted. It’s a good thing she put my name because it would have looked so bare without my name. :)

     It has a packet for random pieces of paper, 10 clear sheet protectors, a paper envelope, and also 4 colored sheets of hard paper to act as dividers. This is super useful for all my readings and what not! I bought 20 pieces of extra sheet protectors but I feel like the binder can fit in more. The design I chose came out so prettily as well!

    Laptop Decal

    The shop offers various laptop decal designs. The laptop decal I chose says “dreamer” in a super cutesey font! AHHH <3. It came in with instructions that were super easy to follow. The decals do not leave marks on laptops which is a PLUS for me. :)

    Final Thoughts

    Paperplanes Manila is such a fun and original concept. They’re all 100% made in the Philippines. The products are of high quality, sturdy, durable, and too pretty for words! The best thing about their notebooks is that no notebook comes out the same because they are all FULL CUSTOMIZABLE. These pretty items from Paperplanes Manila make studying seem fun and colorful! They are gorgeous alternatives for the expensive notebooks that you find in fullybooked. haha!  They also offer custom car plates and custom phone cases. :) Check out their page for more info! <3

    I wanna thank Gila Salvador of Paperplanes Manila again for sending me these goodies! :)

    What do you guys think about my first lifestyle post?? :) <3 



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    Debut Highlights Video


    “Cinderella, It’s not midnight……”


    This will be my last post about my debut! :) It’s a three minute highlights video shot by 11:11 Productions and edited by Miko Ancheta of 11:11 productions. I think they captured the highlights of my special day wonderfully! I have nothing more to say so I’ll just let the video speak for itself. ;)

    The photo on the cover of this post was taken by Kara Chung! :)

    Max @ 18 (Highlights) from Miko Ancheta on Vimeo.

    Max @ 18 (Highlights)

    © 11:11 Productions

    Videography by Miko Ancheta, Lyka Gonzalez, Klint Saribong
    Edited by Miko Ancheta

    Gown by Amir Sali

    Event styling by Scenta Flora

    Catering by Carlito’s Catering

    Hair, Make-up, and Styling by Pong and Bang Niu Fashion Styling (facebook.com/pongandbangniu)

    Music: Cinderella – Steve Moakler



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    Cinderella Part 2


    Here is the second part of the photos from my debut taken by Migs Santiago. :)

    The theme for my debut was inspired by a Modern Marie Antoinette! My stylist suggested to place umbrellas in the ceiling instead of the usual lanterns to connect it to Marie Antoinette. My centerpieces were mostly pink flowers with accents of gold ornaments and pearls! I also had an all pink dessert buffet inspired my Marie antoinette’s love for sweets!

    The program for my debut was very short and fast paced!

    I entered with a dance number and then went out to change into my gown so I had to enter two times! I didn’t have the traditional 18 candles and just asked 10 of my closest girl friends to speak for me!

    For the usual 18 roses, I called my 18 roses segment “Dancing with Maxie” and i basically grouped my guy friends into categories and made them dance to all sorts of genres (mostly ballroom)! We danced the waltz, salsa, kpop, cha cha cha, lyrical, and more. :)

    Each boy who took part in my 18 roses segment was part of a video wherein each of them had to answer really unique questions about me! I also had a “Silly thing Max says” video where my guy friends tried to imitate the way I act and speak!

    I also included two games to spice things up and to get my HS and college friends acquainted!

    Daryl my bakla friend

    Le Polar bear on a diet, Biondi Te

    lol my friend Nathan trying to semi carry me!

    My super cute uncle who looks like Jollibee when dancing. :)

    I made sure my dad got to do the most lifts! hahaha!

    Blockmate love!

    This photos deserves a special place in this post because my fab friend Daryl forced Dean to buy a bow tie just because it was part of my dress code! HEHE

    The Ericka and Krissy Villongco with James Reid

    Friends from ADMU! <3

    My brother taking advantage of the fact that he can do almost anything to me on stage. HA HA.

    He has two left feet but he still danced with me. HEHE Love you, Shots!

    Semi-mortified at the “Silly Things Max Says” video that my 18 roses friends prepared for me!

    My two blockmates who tried to dance a super short contemporary dance number with me!

    Ray and Peepoy

    My 2 guy batch mates who I Lalalala looove! I made them dance SALSA with me! :)

    My girlies. <3

    MGC friends!

    My sneaky little brother teases and bickers with me for a living surprised me with THE BEST birthday gift EVER. He upgraded his little brother status to BEST LITTLE BROTHER EVER!!!!! He got me VIP tickets to my ultimate fave KPOP band, BIG BANG. <333333

    My talented media coverage team, 11:11 productions. :)

    HI NEIL!

    My competitice, up-for-anything college friends!


    This is late but I want to thank everyone who took part in making my special day memorable. :)


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    Cinderella Part 1


    I posted a question a few days back in my facebook page and asked if people wanted to see photos from my debut even if I’m 5 months late. A lot of people responded and wanted me to post them so here they are! :)

    I wanna thank my brilliant photographers Kara Chung, Migs Santiago and Jonas Tamayo for capturing these priceless memories! They’re all fellow students from the same university I go to and I don’t think I could have found people who are more perfect for the job. :)

    Since I had 3 photographers and I have a LOOOOT of photos, I’ve decided to split the post into 3 parts. This first post will feature Kara and Jonas’ Photos while the second post will contain Mig’s photos. Finally the last part will feature my 3 minute debut video. :D

    Yes my dress was SEE THROUGH! It just wasn’t so obvious when I wore it because my skin matched the cloth of the dress. hehe


    My handsome lil brother with his introductory speech!

    My sisters for life!

    My late Taima. <3

    le Fam Bam!

    My young and hip grandpa AKA “pops”. :)

    11:11 Crew Hard at work!

    Suck and Blow.

    I love how my college friends are so game for anything!

    MGC Batchmates!

    HAPPY. :)

    my gorge becky friend, Martin!


    Love these boys!

    En/lit block!

    sarap lang ng feather hahaha!

    I chose the title “Cinderella” because I really felt like a princess on my debut. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had the generic wish just like most girls and it was to be a princess when I grew up. Cinderella has always been my favorite Disney princess and I remember watching my VHS of the movie over and over again ! Thanks to my parents and to the people who attended, I was able to live that dream even just for a night and it’s something I won’t ever forget. :)


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    LOTD: Farewell, 2012


    Happy New Year!

    My last LOTD of 2012:

    Top from a Bazaar and leggings from HnM.

    Earrings from Yhansy

    Aldo Bag

    Believe leather cuff from a friend || Watch from a friend

    I know I’m late but I’ve been busy with all the holiday preparations and I wanted to relax and be away from the world. ha ha. 2012 has got to be one of the most amazing years I’ve ever had. It was such an AMAZING year filled with memories that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Here are some of the moments and people who have made my 2012 special. :) I wrote about my last LOTD before this because the content of this post from here on is a teeny bit photo heavy. ;)

    1.  This was the year when I finally put up my own beauty blog with my own domain name in August

              2. This was the year when I was able to go two of THE most magical cities I’ve ever been to: New York and New Orleans. 

    NY 2012. I chose this photo because there are too many Times Square photos already! Also, this house looks similar to the houses I see in movies! It looks like Charlotte’s house from SATC, don’t you think? :)

    New Orleans 2012.

              3. I joined two orgs: AJMA and Tugon. Both of which I love dearly!

    With the most down to earth diva ever, Alex Dayrit! <3

    In an awareness talk for Tugon with Ms. Risa Hontiveros.

              4. These girls <3

    I got closer to this pretty lady beside me who’s like a big sister to me, Daryl Chan! I have THREE first somethings with this fabulous woman!

    The girl who always knows what to say when I have a problem, JB! <3 (I don’t have a neck but we look cute here hehehe)

    The most multi-talented girl I know, Kara and Justine! :)

    Nikki and Poki! <3 my wooovs. heehee.

    My sister in takaw-ness, Abi V. <3

    Martin Tuanquin! :)

    Kally and Ericka! :)

              5. I started my own bag line, panini stall, and online accessory shop!

    Curated Manila

    New York Minute Paninis

    Sweet Escape

              6. I went to my first halloween party!

              7. These boys.

    With Josh! heehee repeat photo. It’s our only decent solo photo together. :) So many firsts with this boy! One of them would be shooting my first gun everrr. teehee.

              8. I had my debut. :)

              9. I gained the highest award I’ve ever received in my dancing career.

             10. I FINALLY got to see my husband up close and personal. <333

              11. My girlies!!!!! and boy.

    Wouldn’t have gotten through the year without these girlies!


    Cheers to meeting new people and making new memories this 2013! <3


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    Supersale Bazaar: LOTD + Haul


    My mini bag line Curated Manila had a booth at the Supersale Bazaar which was recently held at the World Trade Center. We were there for 5 days and I basically shopped everyday I was there. I just couldn’t help it!!! One of my major pet peeves when I go shopping in bazaars is not getting to see everything that’s on sale. I’m glad that I was able to take my time to look around the whole bazaar. I feel like I already knew it by heart after 5 days exploring it. ;) ha ha.

    I’ve been thinking about wether or not to post a haul post because I did not want to seem like I’m bragging. However, based on the views from the last haul post, it seems like people like haul posts! So here are the items that I was able to accumulate from the bazaars in 5 days:

     I bought more clothes than makeup because I realized that I’ve been spending too much money on makeup and I’m running out of clothes! 

    My top three purchases:

     This has to be my favorite purchase! It’s a super cute “lock” thing that binds wires. I use it to bind the wires of my gadgets such as my phone charger wire, Ipod connector wire, etc.

    This is my second fave purchase! This pair of heels make my legs look thin plus I got the seller to give me a pretty nice discount. :)

    My third fave purchase! I find this sooo cute and unique! The owner of the booth does on the spot made to order bracelets and necklaces in the same style. They have lots of colors to choose from but I chose this jewel tone color to match the holiday season. :)

    Here are the makeup items that I bought. I LOVE eyeshadow palettes! I’m very excited to review my newest palette from UD which is the limited edition Alice in Wonderland Palette. This was released a  while back and I got so excited when I saw it in the bazaar. <3

    Here’s what I wore to the first day of the Bazaar:

    Top from F21 || shoes from Payless

     shorts from f21

    Bag from Curated Manila

    gold ring from a bazaar, mint ring from F21, watch from Casio

    Did you guys go to the bazaar? What did you haul? :)

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