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Hakkasan Shanghai 5th Anniversary Menu


One of the Bund’s iconic mainstays, Hakkasan recently turned 5 and is celebrating with a 5th anniversary menu created by their newest head chef from Kuala Lumpur, Jeff Tan.

The 9-course set-meal for at least 2 (RMB988/pp) includes completely new dishes by Tan but also includes the ever-popular crispy duck topped with imperial caviar. There’s also an option to add an abalone course for RMB1288/pp.


The meal began with the much-photographed dish. As I took my first bite, I was able to taste the harmony between the crispy duck, thin layer of Chinese bun, sweetness from the dash of Hoisin sauce and of course, some saltiness from the caviar.


I knew my meal was off to a great start.

Next came the stunning dimsum quintet which includes black pepper roasted duck dumpling, ginger seabass dumpling, lychee lobster dumpling, wagyu dumpling, and crab siew mai puff. This has to be the prettiest dimsum I’ve ever laid eyes on. I wasn’t a fan of the duck and seabass dumplings but the crab siew mai puff delicious.


The abalone with morel mushroom in oyster sauce was cooked perfectly. Unlike most dishes, this was prepared in a classic manner to showcase the prized ingredient—which is something I really appreciate.


One of the highlights of the meal for me was steamed Chilean seabass with buttermilk lime crumbles. This seabass was plump and cooked to perfection. The acidity from the lime combined with the sweet soy sauce was a lovely surprise. I wanted to lick my plate but had to remind myself that I’m a 25 year old lady pretending to be prim and proper hahaha.


Other dishes include the following: pumpkin soup with lobster and caviar, roasted lamb loin with popcorn and Hawthorne sauce or Australian Angus rib eye (m3) with cumin sauce, spring chicken with onion jus and wild mushrooms with edamame.

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Of course, the meal concluded with a stunning bird’s nest inspired egg custard with fresh fruit compote.


The menu only runs until April 12. It’s definitely a worthwhile experience. The whole meal felt like a performance as each dish was not only visually inspiring but also tantalising to the tastebuds. This is the perfect place for a visiting friend to give them a slice of Shanghai — bright, colourful, indulgent and full of electric energy. Or even just a fancy date night. The views are incredible.

There’s also an option for wine pairing for RMB288.

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