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    Avon You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge


    Hi everyone!

    I’m glad SO HAPPY to announce that I have been accepted to be part of the semi-finalists of Avon’s You Make it Beautiful Blogger Campaign! For the next round of the competition, we were given a challenge to create make-up look/tutorial from Avon make-up sets that were randomly given to us by Avon.

    the babies I got to work with. <3

    The challenge requires us to use only Avon products for the entire look. I was so excited when I saw the products that were in my make-up set because of the beautiful colors that were in my set. :) I decided to create a smokey eye from my makeup look! :) It was so fun doing my look, scroll down to see the final look. ;)

    Here’s how I did it:

    1. Foundation

    Apply foundation evenly using the Avon Ideal Luminous Dual Powder Foundation. Make sure to reach all the areas of your face. :)

    2. Create your eye look!

    To creat you eye look, use Avon’s true color eyeshadow quad  in purple pop. Apply eyeshadow number 2 all over the lid using a flat shader brush. Apply the shadow number 3 from the middle of the lid until it reach the end of the eye. Apply shadow number 4 on your crease to intensify your look. Lastly use shadow number 1 to highlight. Apply on on your brown bone. :) Don’t forget to blend out the harsh edges! ;)

    3. Line your eyes

    As you can see, the smokey eye look that I’ve created so far is a bit weak. Line your Eyes with Avon’s Shimmer Sticks in Blackest Black to intensify your smokey eye look. Apply it under your eyes and on your lash line. I also used the shade number 2 from my palette to smoke out the eyeliner under my eyes.

    4. Perk up your pretty lashes!

    Don’t forget about giving your lashes lashes some love. Use Avon’s Super Shock Max mascara to make your lashes come out! Don’t forget to apply from the roots of your lashes and tug the mascara wand all the way out. :)

    5. Pucker up!

    To complete your whole look, apply Avon’s Ultracolor Lipstick in hot pink (i love this color OMG so happy I got this in my kit) and Avon’s ultra glazewear lipgloss in pink watermelon (i love this so much too because it matches my lipstick perfectly). I’d usually go for a nude lippie with a look like this but I only got a red and hot pink lippie in my kit. :)

     Final Look

     Thank you so much for reading! This is a look that I’d wear on a night out. :) Before I end this post, I’d like to humbly ask my readers to support me in the upcoming voting contest for Avon’s You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge! Voting will begin very soon and I hope that you guys can vote for me. :) MAkeup and blogging has always been a passion of mine and I’d love ti be part of Avon’s circle of bloggers to be able to bring you guys more reviews, tips, and tutorials in the future! :)



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    How to: Dewy Glowy skin


    Hi guys!

    Today I’m back with a short tutorial on how to achieve dewy glowy skin! For today, I’ll be showing you a way to have dewy glowy skin using makeup. If you’re getting ready for an extra special day, I suggest that you tend to your skin by religiously using the right products to make it look healthy. For those who don’t have the time to do that (you really should have time but who am I kidding? haha there are days when I forget to do my skin care routine when I’m extra tired and I just collapse on my bed. eek guilty!), this tutorial is perfect for you! :)

    Make sure you have cleansed and toned your face before anything else. I didn’t add those steps to my tutorial because I felt like it wasn’t really something that should be added to this tutorial because it’s not a skin care tutorial. Or is it? HAHA i don’t know.

    Step 1: Moisturize

     Obviously the first step to getting a dewy glowy skin is moisturizing your skin. Make sure to lather on the right amount of moisturizer and give your skin some loove! You may use any moisturizer you want. :) Massage the moisturizer onto your skin until it is absorbed by your skin fully!

    Step 2: Mix your favorite liquid foundation with a liquid highlighter

    If your skin doesn’t need a full coverage foundation, it is best to use your lightest foundation. I chose to use my Benefit Hello flawless foundation. I used 1 and a half pumps worth of the foundation and a pea size worth of liquid highlighter from MAC. I mixed both products on the back of my hand and used a flat top kabuki brush to apply. You may use a stipling brush or whatever tool you wanna use. :)

    If you have blemishes or imperfections, you may conceal them during this step. :)

    Step 3: Apply Highlighter

    Apple highlighter on your cheeks. Use your pupil as a marker. Apply it from below the middle of your pupil until you reach your temples. As a general rule, apply it where the light hits your face: cupid’s bow, below your eye-brow and bridge of your nose. If you have chubby cheeks, you may choose not to apply highlighter on your cheeks because the highlighter might just emphasize your cheeks and make them look bigger. It’s also good to use a highlighter that doesn’t have to much shimmer or big gunks of glitter. :)

    Finished Product

    no makeup

    after the 3 steps..voila! I only put the products from above and look how much of a difference it makes from my bare face! :) 

    what do you think?? :)



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    Date Night Makeup Tutorial

    Photo on 2012-10-03 at 19.36 #3

    Hello everyone!

    My finals exams aren’t over yet but I had some spare time to film this tutorial last week and I just couldn’t wait to put it up already!

    This look was honestly inspire by Jay Park’s song, “Turn Off Your Phone” which I am absolutely obsessed with right now!!! The song makes me feel so0o seeeexay HAHAHAH! I LITERALLY THOUGHT OF A MAKEUP LOOK JUST TO MATCH THIS SONG. :)) I just love listening to this especially when I’m putting on makeup before I go out. I personally don’t wear this much makeup when I go out on dates because I’m in an always-looking-fresh phase right now! That and I don’t want to make my date to think I put too much effort into my look. Ha ha ha!

    Anyway, this look is for those who like to go on dates with a full head makeup. It’s something that you can wear to a sexy night out with you beau/feature beau/husband! :) For some, this may be too dramatic but why not go for a dramatic look once in a while and spice things up? ;)

    Date Night Makeup Tutorial from maxine marcelino on Vimeo.

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    Products I used:

    Benefit Hello Wow foundation // Shu Uemura concealer // Etude house Eyeliner // Mac paint pot in painterly // Naked eye palette // Urban Decay Eyeliner //  Maybelline Falsies Mascara // Nars Laguna bronzer // Nars Orgasm blush // Art Deco Lipstick


    Any tutorial requests? comment them below! :)


    Make Your Eyes Pop in 3 Easy Steps (Updated Post)

    Screen shot 2012-08-23 at 5.17.27 PM

    Hello Everyone! 

    I'm back with a super easy tutorial featuring affordable makeup products!

    *Video might take a while to show up in this page but it WILL show up! ;)

    *Hi, in this video, I said that IN2IT is Filipino made but a lovely reader informed me that it isn’t after all. I thought I remembered the saleslady telling that it was made in the Philippines. Anyway, I take full responsibility of my statement because I wasn’t able to double check my facts. I’m really sorry about this.

    Anyway, IN2IT cosmetics is owned by Asia Pacific Cosmetics, Hong Kong and is presently available in 3 countries: Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia.

    Enjoy!! xx

    PS: Tell me what you think by adding comments below! <3

    Make Your Eyes Pop in 3 Easy Steps! from maxine marcelino on Vimeo.

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