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Cinderella Part 2


Here is the second part of the photos from my debut taken by Migs Santiago. :)

The theme for my debut was inspired by a Modern Marie Antoinette! My stylist suggested to place umbrellas in the ceiling instead of the usual lanterns to connect it to Marie Antoinette. My centerpieces were mostly pink flowers with accents of gold ornaments and pearls! I also had an all pink dessert buffet inspired my Marie antoinette’s love for sweets!

The program for my debut was very short and fast paced!

I entered with a dance number and then went out to change into my gown so I had to enter two times! I didn’t have the traditional 18 candles and just asked 10 of my closest girl friends to speak for me!

For the usual 18 roses, I called my 18 roses segment “Dancing with Maxie” and i basically grouped my guy friends into categories and made them dance to all sorts of genres (mostly ballroom)! We danced the waltz, salsa, kpop, cha cha cha, lyrical, and more. :)

Each boy who took part in my 18 roses segment was part of a video wherein each of them had to answer really unique questions about me! I also had a “Silly thing Max says” video where my guy friends tried to imitate the way I act and speak!

I also included two games to spice things up and to get my HS and college friends acquainted!

Daryl my bakla friend

Le Polar bear on a diet, Biondi Te

lol my friend Nathan trying to semi carry me!

My super cute uncle who looks like Jollibee when dancing. :)

I made sure my dad got to do the most lifts! hahaha!

Blockmate love!

This photos deserves a special place in this post because my fab friend Daryl forced Dean to buy a bow tie just because it was part of my dress code! HEHE

The Ericka and Krissy Villongco with James Reid

Friends from ADMU! <3

My brother taking advantage of the fact that he can do almost anything to me on stage. HA HA.

He has two left feet but he still danced with me. HEHE Love you, Shots!

Semi-mortified at the “Silly Things Max Says” video that my 18 roses friends prepared for me!

My two blockmates who tried to dance a super short contemporary dance number with me!

Ray and Peepoy

My 2 guy batch mates who I Lalalala looove! I made them dance SALSA with me! :)

My girlies. <3

MGC friends!

My sneaky little brother teases and bickers with me for a living surprised me with THE BEST birthday gift EVER. He upgraded his little brother status to BEST LITTLE BROTHER EVER!!!!! He got me VIP tickets to my ultimate fave KPOP band, BIG BANG. <333333

My talented media coverage team, 11:11 productions. :)


My competitice, up-for-anything college friends!


This is late but I want to thank everyone who took part in making my special day memorable. :)


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