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Maxie Cooks: Easy Toast Ideas


My friends know how I’m a hardcore carbs monster. I love carbs in this order: PASTA, RICE, and BREAD. How Asian of me, I know. I like bread the least; especially when it’s plain boring bread. I can’t imagine how some people (yes, they exist. Hi plain-bread-loving friends) can eat plain bread. I think snacking on plain bread is sooo depressing! I personally always need AT LEAST room temperature butter to pair with bread (freshly baked, crusty French bread would be great too!).

So in the name of going against eating just plain bread, I thought of three ways to have your regular toast. I used rye bread but you can use any type of multigrain bread you want!

  1. Cheese Spread and Fruit JamDSCF2419
    Have you ever tried butter with Jam? Oh my. It’s heaven on earth. It’s been one of my go-to pairings for bread until I discovered CHEESE + JAM. Well, cheese has always been a good pairing with fruits. So it makes sense that cheese and jam would be a good combination of sweet and salty. For this pairing, I used: Arla Cheese Spread and The Fruit Basket’s jams.
  2. Cheese Spread and Avocado Toast DSCF2435
    Avocado Toast has taken over social media nowadays and for good reason. It’s delicious, filling, and can be made in a variety of ways! For my avocado toast, i used: Arla Cheese Spread, 1 half avocado, olive oil, salt and pepper, chilli flakes
  3. Fresh Tomatoes and Pesto Toast DSCF2466
    For something refreshing, I included a classic tomato + pesto toast. For this toast, i used homemade pesto and freshly sliced tomatoes on Arla Cheese Spread.

So, that’s it for my first #maxiecooks series! If you noticed a common denominator in all of my toast ideas, I used Arla Cheese Spread on all of my recipes. It’s my newest discovery and I love it because of its naturally mild an creamy taste. It’s also made from 90% cow’s milk and is very rich in Protein! They also have an ongoing contest which gives the winner a chance to visit Denmark!! For more information on Arla Foods and the Fly to Denmark with Arla Consumer Promotion, visit www.arla.ph or follow @ArlaPH on Facebook and @arla_ph on Instagram.


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    They all look so delish!! Hoping to see more of #MaxieCooks :) xo

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