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Purefoods #IheartArt: When Food and Art Come Together


When I was young, one of my favorite go-to breakfast dishes is my mom’s corned beef and (this must absolutely be present) garlic rice. I’m not sure if a lot of people do this, but I’m used to having my corned beef with a massive amount of white onions. I remember fondly so mornings in high school when the smell of sautéed corned beef would give me an incentive to wake up and get ready faster. It’s always been one of my favorite breakfast dishes! Nowadays, when for some reason there isn’t any food prepared at home, my go-to dish to cook for myself is a no brainer: Purefood’s Corned Beef Classic. 


So when I was invited to the launch Purefood’s newest set of products: Purefoods Blue Line, it was an immediate yes.


The event was in-line with Purefood’s newest campaign, #IheartArt. I think it’s very apt because food and art always come together. We were taught / guided to paint the same painting but we were given the liberty to add in personal touches to our artworks.




While doing this, we had a chance to snack on innovative dishes using products from the Purefoods Blue Line such as corned beef quesadillas, luncheon meat chili cheese spring rolls, and more.


Eating the yummy snacks helped evoke happy memories which inspired me to complete my painting with the best of my abilities.


The vienna sausage reminded me of my grade school days when my best friend would bring a different sandwich everyday to school. And she’s always give me half of her daily sandwich. One of our favorites were vienna sausage, mayo, and tasty bread.


Soon after, my childhood idol (OMG) Heart Evangelista entered the venue. I was so stunned like everyone else but I don’t think anyone knew that I was the biggest fan girl in the room. I loved her from when she was over-accessorising and I love her even more now for her simple and classy style!


She talked about her art works, fashion style, beauty, her commissioned Hermes bags (she only paints on Hermes bags so as to protect her aethetics), and of course her love for Purefoods corned beef.


I normally never get excited about celebrities but I couldn’t help but ask for a selfie with her and she ever so kindly took one with me! One lucky co-blogger even had the privilege of having her painting finished off with Heart’s signature touch. It was surreal. haha!


Truly, the simplest things evoke memories that matter the most. As a foodie, many types of food evoke different memories. Purefoods corned beef and vienna sausage bring back so many of my childhood memories and I can’t help but smile looking back at those memories.


For more information on the Purefoods Blue Line, visit https://www.facebook.com/purefoodscornedbeef/.


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