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Seize the Moment with Camp Courage PH


Most of us went through that dreaded awkward teenage phase called puberty. Yes, a select few people from the population were blessed with good genes and were thus able to transition into adulthood smoothly. But for the rest of us, it’s a stage we’d all rather forget. Thankfully, I had my mom to give me the right information and tools to help me go on daily activities without any worries of experiencing any unfortunate “accidents”.

Times have passed and I’m proud to say that I’ve successfully gone through that wretched time in my life. However, there are still a lot of Filipina teens today who feel helpless and insecure because of the bodily changes they go through. And these insecurities tend to hold them back from seizing opportunities in life.  But, I have good news for today’s modern day Filipina teens! Johnson and Johnson Philippines has launched a campaign to address the needs of Filipina teens called Camp Courage. 

DSCF3404 With brands such Clean and & Clear, Carefree, and Modess on board the Camp Courage campaign, teenagers will be provided the right tools and information to face their fears, live in the moment and make a move. Camp Courage will go around the Philippines and visit 500 schools nationwide in order to spread the news to about 400,000 Filipina teens.

They will also be launching a website, http://www.ourcampcourage.ph where teens can interact with each other and share stories and information to help them continue on making shining moments in their life, worry free!

I personally think that this is a beautiful and empowering campaign. Aside from providing teens with the right tools to overcome their insecurities, Camp Courage will be bringing inspirational speakers to speak to Filipina teenagers nationwide. One of them is Mary Clare Prosperity Pineda, with whom I share the same alma mater. Another one of them is Isabel Maria Flores Garcia of http://www.everydayisa.worpress.com whose advocacy is geared towards teen empowerment. They are just some of the brave, beautiful and talented speakers that will be reaching out to Filipina teens all nationwide. Even if I had my mom to guide me through puberty, I wish I had the opportunity to listen to such inspiring women like them. xoxo,

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