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Kiss and Blush with YSL’s Babydoll Kiss and Blush #8 Pink Hedoniste


When YSL came out with it’s Kiss & Blush lip and cheek many months ago, I knew right away that I wanted to have it. But it came with a hefty price tag and it took me a while before I finally caved into its good gloriousness. A friend of mine was studying in New York for the summer and asked me if I had wanted anything from the States. Of course, my mind immediately took my away to the glistening aisles of Sephora. The first thing I needed to have on my list was YSL because we don’t have it here in the Philippines.. yet! 2 weeks later and my friend dropped it off my house. I was too giddy.  I mean, nothing bad can ever come out of a shiny black Sephora bag!



The YSL Kiss and Blush comes in the most alluring packaging that mimics a nail polish bottle. The wand handle is embraced in a beautiful gold material for the ultimate fabuluxe effect.



The sponge-tip wand has a spring-ey design that is perfect for applying the product without too much intensity on the cheeks. While the arrow shape of the wand is also ideal in applying the product on the lips seamlessly. The wand isn’t too big, considering that my lips are thinner than an average girl’s lip.




The shade is a gorgeous cool toned peachy-baby-pink. But the shade’s more baby pink with a touch of peach in it. The shade suits my skin beautifully and gives me a very youthful rosey glow.


Formula, Texture and Application

The formula is done perfectly with a light, mousse-y texture. The product itself has the right amount of pigmentation due to its light mousse-y texture.


I normally lightly swipe on a small amount of product on each cheek and blend it out using my fingers or a regular synthetic fiber brush. Regardless of the method I use, it blends into the skin like a daydream. I also use the applicator to dab some product onto my lips or use my ring finger to apply it on my lips depending on my mind. 


Because of its formula, it’s not entirely sweat proof and fades after 4 hours under the humid Manila weather. I don’t mind reapplying.





Overall, the YSL Kiss and Blush perfectly marries two of it’s features which are design and function. Hands down, the product is GORGEOAAS! And it efficiently delivers its promise as a 2-in-1-makeup product. Some prefer to use it only for the cheeks but I like the subtle color it gives to my lips. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but I personally adore this product and in the end, it all comes down to personal preferences.

I think the only possible setbacks this product may have with some people are the following:

  1. The product is something that germaphobes might not like due to the design of the applicator
  2. The steep price tag

What do you think?



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  • Reply Juvy

    The color suits you well! I actually prefer powder over liquid/moussey blushes but for travel, I always bring my benetint sample. :)

    I agree that this product is pricey but it depends on personal prefs like what you said! Sephora is heaven!

    09/21/2015 at 8:23 PM
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