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    Review + Tutorial: Skinaz The Kissable Lip 24H Lip Tattoo*


    I spend a whole lot of my time watching tv shows: American, Taiwanese and Korean. Korean tv shows are my ultimate guilty pleasure! They come up with the craziest storylines and they’re terribly addicting. I honestly can’t help but wonder how the Korean celebrities pull of their looks! Straight, archless brows, glowing skin, tangerine cheeks, stained lips, etc. I’m amazed at how Korean beauty brands have been able to create millions of products that really cater to its women but I’m also happy that more Filipino beauty brands are doing that same thing for Filipinas. But lucky for us, other cultural trends are so easily within our reach through the arrival of their beauty products.



    Stained lips are all the rage right now in Korea and I’m so excited to share the cult product that can achieve this trendy look. Skinaz The Kisaable Lips 24h Lip Tattoo comes in 5 beautiful colors: Girlish Pink, Orange Marmalade, Spicy Red, and Burgundy Shower. But for today, I’ll only be talking about girlish pink. The lip tattoo comes comes in a lipgloss tube and contains 13ml worth of product. It’s such a unique, trendy product and I’ve never encountered anything like it. It’s designed to be applied lavishly on the lips. Once it is dried out, a layer of the product is supposed to be peeled off the lips leaving a natural stain on the lips.



    Girlish pink initially looks like an outrageous, almost neon pink but the stain that it leaves really lives up to it’s name. The stain it leaves is truly reminiscent of the naturally stained lips that I keep on seeing on Korean actresses. It’s amazing.

    Application and Texture

    The texture is very similar to a clear lip gloss. It’s sticky and tacky but I think it’s designed as such in order for the product to work. Upon application, I felt a very mild sting on my lips. It’s not too uncomfortable, but it’s there. After a few seconds, my lips starting sticking to each other. However, in order to remove the product perfectly, I kept my mouth shut for a good 5-10 minutes until the gloss completely dried down. Once it was dry, I carefully took off the layer of product with mild difficulty, given that my lips are perpetually dry.


    Although it claims to last for 24 hours, I find that the stain diminished after my first meal. At the end of the day, a very light and subtle stain remained on my lips.

    Tips and Instructions on How to Use:

    1. For those with dry lips, make sure to moisturize  your lips with clear petroleum jelly or any lip conditioning product. Apply the product generously until your lips are coated with the product evenly. I tried using a regular amount of product and I ended up peeling just a small amount of product which is why I recommend that a generous amount of product is applied.


    bare, conditioned lips 



    2. Wait until the product dries down. Carefully peel off the product.




    carefully peel off the product

    3. For those with dry lips, finish off with a colorless lip conditioner.



    Final Thoughts 

    I love the product for the uniqueness of the experience it brings. There are a lot of lipstains in the market but this is the first time I’ve experienced having to apply and peel something off my lips. I like the natural, Korean-style pinkish shade that it leaves on my lips. However, this type of product doesn’t really suit my problematic dry lips even if I apply a lip conditioner beforehand. My lips always have excess dry skin waiting to be peeled off and this doesn’t really go well with the dynamics of this product. However, I’ve seen a ton of videos of girls with plump and juicy lips looking being able to pull of this product so, I think a lot of girls still will enjoy this product. Also, this might not be for girls who are always on the run because application involves a few steps of waiting. However, I can still also imagine this working for a lot of girls who enjoy taking their time when applying makeup, and of course for those who want to achieve Korean-stained-lips.


    max 2



    *This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and comments are completely mine.

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    Review and FOTD: Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes


    I was heartbroken when I missed out on the Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette when it was released as part of the Holiday collection in 2013. It was really hyped and was sold out everywhere here in Manila and in the US. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it has been re-released while scrolling through the Sephora website. Second chances don’t come often and I knew that I had to get one before it was too late. I immediately put it on my grandpa’s makeup haul list and literally counted the days until he arrived back in Manila.


    First Impressions

    One of the first things I noticed is that the packaging is different from the one from the 2013 release. Another is that it retained exactly the same shades from before. This is good news for people like me who weren’t able to get a palette for themselves then. The palette features a total of 12 shades, 6 of them matte and 6 of them with shimmer. From a far, it looks more like a cool toned palette. Apparently, the first row is designed to have cool toned shades while the second row is designed to have the warmer shades. I also like how the palette is arranged with the light shades on the left and the shades intensify as it moved to the right.

    Texture and Formula

    The texture of these eyeshadows are incredibly fine milled and are soft as butter. As I swatched the shades, I noticed that they aren’t as pigmented as I wanted them to be. I checked pictures of swatches from other reviews online and they were all a lot more pigmented than my swatches. Then, I realized that rubbing my fingers onto the shadows a bit longer finally got the pigmentation that I expected, based on the photos of swatches I saw online. Because of this realization, this palette would have to be the first palette  I own with medium intensity pigmentation. Surprisingly though, the colors showed up quite nicely on my eyes. Even the lighter shades were recognizable on the lids. I also like how they blend so easily, with very minimal effort. 



    I’m going to talk about the shades by dividing them into two groups. First six shades on the left and 2nd six shades on the right.

    Left (From left, counterclockwise)


    •  Sparkling Dew  Sparkling dew is a pale champagne pink shade with shimmer. The pink is very faint and it can be used as a base color, in the inner corner of the eyes, and even as a highlight shade but I personally don’t like shimmery shadows for my brow highlight.
    • Guava – Peach baby pink with pale gold shimmer. I’d use this on my lids as a base color as well.
    • African Violet – Purple with gold frost. This is my favorite shade of all because it’s so unique and I can totally imagine building a bunch of different eyeshadow looks around this shade. I’d use this on top of a base color to intensify or elevate an eye look.
    • Fresco – Cool soft brown matte eyeshadow. I’d use this as a crease color for a natural eye makeup look and as a transition color to blend out a dark crease color for a more intense eye makeup look.
    • Primrose – Muted rosey pink with silvery white frost. This looked very faint on the back of my hand but it translated very nicely on my lids. I’d also use this as a base color.
    • Vanilla Nuts – Creamy off white matte shadow. This can be used as a bas, a transition color or even as a highlight.

    Right (From left, counterclockwise)


    • Plum Smoke – Muted violet matte shade. Can be used as a base or a blending shade.
    • Kir Royal – Shimmery eggplant/aubergine shade. Perfect for intensifying a look or as a crease color.
    • Violet Ink – Dark Matte violet shade for the crease or for the outer v.
    • Espresso Bean – Dark blackened brown. This is the closest thing to a black shade but it’s nice that it’s not totally black to match the other shade of the palette. perfect for smoking out a look, crease, and outer v.
    • Bamboo – Muted taupe with a faint hint of golden shimmer. This wasn’t as smooth as the other shades. Can be used as a crease or on top of a base to add dimension to a look.
    • Truffle – Rick chocolate brown for the crease, other v, or smoking out a look.


    Although I did have a pigmentation concern with the shadows, I find that these actually lasted all day on me with minor fading. I’ll probably try to use an eyeshadow primer next time to intensify the colors.


    Here’s a look I created using guava and primrose all over the lid. Fresco on the crease. and African violet on on top of the 2 eyeshadow bases to create dimension. For the other products I used on my face, I used my Armani Luminous Silk foundation, NARS orgasm blush, TheBalm Bahama Mama bronzer, and NARS Anita lipstick.



    Final Thoughts

    The palette is such a unique palette in terms of my personal eyeshadow collection. I’d say it’s neutral but an elevated kind of neutral palette. Instead of earth tones, it has a lot of pink and purple shades. The only palette that’s slightly similar to the Laura Mercier Eye Artist’s Palette is the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. But still, both palettes have many considerable differences.

    It’s girly in a very subtle way but it’s so easy to create a ton of different looks that can range from girly, to sexy, to edgy. I just absolutely love how they were able to curate a palette that looks very feminine at first but still very versatile.


    max 2



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    OOTD & FOTD: Golden


    I haven’t posted an outfit and makeup post for the longest time! I’m taking a break from all my beauty related posts with a fashion post! Again, I don’t want to tag myself as a fashion blogger because I’m not but I like to share my personal once in a while. :)

    Here’s what I wore to this year’s Shindig Illusso. I love Shindig because it’s the only event of the year where I can really dress up. That, and I’ve been going every since I was in freshman year! I was really busy last week so I put together this outfit from F21 just a few days before the party.







    I love embellished pieces which is why I immediately grabbed this gorgeous pair of short and built my entire outfit around it. I accessorized with gold pieces to complete my look.



    clutch from erb and chet, rings from HnM, nude pumps from Michael Antonio, gold bracelet stack from my grandma

    My makeup for the night:

    I decided to go for a classic bronzy smokey eye with a “flawless” dewy face, and a wearable nude color for my lips. I took pictures after the event which explains why my outfit makeup could have looked a bit washed out already.



    face and lips:

    Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, Mac Strobe Cream, Hourglass Mineral Veil primer, ZA concealer, Bahama Mama Bronzer from TheBalm, MAC gentle, MAC hug me

    eyes and brows:

    MUFE aquabrow, UD 15th Anniversary Palette, Naked Palette, K-Palette liquid liner, IN2IT pencil liner,  



    thanks for reading! :)



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    LOTD AND FOTD: Cinderella Blue


    I haven’t posted an LOTD AND FOTD in the longest time! I decided to take some photos of my look from Josh’s Uncle Abot and Auntie Chryssta’s beautiful wedding which was just held last friday at White Space! It was a simple yet magical gathering to witness two people who have dedicated their lives to God renew their vows. The whole event was straight to the point yet meaningful! And omg the food was amazing. <3

    I wasn’t planning on having a dress custom made but when i found out that the attire was formal, I kind of panicked because I don’t have any long gowns in my closet. I contacted the first company I knew that makes custom made gowns: Haute Lifestyle. I’m a huge fan of their RTW items (Apartment 8) which is why I felt like I could trust their more upscale sister company, Haute Lifestyle. Josh (what a cute name for an equally charming girl) was assigned to design my dress. I asked her to design something that was simple yet kind of unique and of course it had to fit my budget of P6000. It also had to be PG-13 HAHA because I really wanted to make a nice impression on Josh’s family. :) She sketched something for me which I immediately loved but I had to stretch my budget a bit higher to P7500. Prior to my second fitting, I’d like to note that it wasn’t very easy to contact the only number they posted on their instagram account. On my second fitting, I was surprised to find that my gown was made out of pure jersey material and no boning at all. I was a bit shocked that it didn’t have the simple structure a gown would have for it’s price. It’s a good thing, my guardian angel Josh (the designer HA, not my boyfriend) was easy to talk to and she talked her boss into reconstructing my gown with boning for FREE! They were able to do everything in exactly a week which is impressive in my opinion. I do feel like I want to make some minor adjustments but the gown was lovely overall. Scroll down for more photos!

    Here are some of my photos:

    I took some makeup and outfit photos but lot of them were taken from my phone. I don’t take amazing pictures which is why I really don’t feel comfortable taking my olympus pen to events (I have a really low self esteem when it comes to taking pictures </3) AND I just don’t feel so comfortable making fashion blogger-y posts in public! :( These will have to do for now until I figure out a way to pose in public and figure out a way to consider the time I need when I take photos. I usually get ready so slowly and Josh ends up waiting for me to finish getting ready. In the end, I run out of time to take outfit photos. :(

    My extremely simple dresses needed some bling so I rushed to Ever New just a day before the wedding and picked this pretty necklace!

    my hair was done by Maui from Blo Rockwell

    yes, I was taking HAIR SELFIES. It wasn’t easy to take these. :))

    I did my own makeup!

    benefit hello flawless foundation, The Face Shop eyebrow pencil, shady lade eye palette from theBalm, Bahama Mama by theBalm for contouring, MAC extra dimension skinfinish for highlighting, IN2IT eyeliner, MAC angel for the lips, and demi lashes from the Face Shop

    I also bought my shoes last minute from So Fab!

    finally, with my prince. :)



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    Next to me


    “Next to meeeeeeee ooooh-hooo.. Next to meeeeeeeeee oooh-hoo.” HAHAHA I couldn’t think of a title and this song (Next to Me by Emeli Sande) played while I was getting ready yesterday and it’s been stuck on my head ever since!

    I haven’t done an outfit-of-the-day post for a while now and I decided it was time for a new one! :) This is what I wore to my cousin’s first birthday party. :) I don’t think I’ll ever get used to posing in public so I decided to take these photos outside my room haha! I’d like to repeat that I am not a fashion blogger nor am I trying to be one. My blog is a lifestyle blog that focuses on beauty (my first love), some fashion (because I like to dress up), and food (my one true love)! <3

    I love that this dress from Apartment 8 came with a brown braided belt! My cousin’s party had a pink color scheme so I decided to go with another pastel color so as to avoid looking like I’m part of the decor haha. This outfit is kinda special because I had a “stylist” (josh) who helped me pick out my dress plus shoes!

    I almost wore my go-to nude pumps but josh wanted me to wear my salmon pumps which I think was a good idea because it added a pop of color to my look. I then paired everything with a teal and gold ring, gold earrings and my trusty gold casio watch.

    I love the print on the back. The “x” design of the straps are a plus too!

    Hair and Makeup

    I got my hair done at Blo Blow Dry Bar in Rockwell. I asked them to braid my hair just because I felt like it would match my dress!

    I chose a neutral smokey eye and applied my fave demi lashes from the face shop. I wore demi lashes to make the whole look very natural and not too dramatic. I paired it with a nude lip using my etude house lipstick. <3

    For a pop of color, I used a teal eyeshadow to line my eyes. I feel like it made the whole look very fresh and young!

    With my stylist for the day! I love that he always has something to say when it comes to my outfit and makeup looks but he lets me decide for myself in the end anyway. :D he’s the best!



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    LOTD: Under the Sea


    It’e been a while since I last posted an outfit post! Today I’ll be posting the outfit that i wore to the biggest party in the Ateneo, Shindig: Submerged. I was very busy prior to Shindig so I shopped for my entire outfit on the day of the event itself! I took the theme of the party to heart and this is what I came up with:

    tube corset and skirt from Forever 21

    Shoes from Michael Antonio

    I SUPER LOVE THE DETAIL OF THIS SKIRT! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! <3

    Clutch from Ever New

    I took “submerged” to a whole new level by incorporating different elements of the ocean into my outfit. My corset is made of sequins, My skirt reminds me of scallops, and my clutch looks like a shell! :)

    earrings from forever 21

    MY LOTD:

    Since my entire look was already shining shimmering and splendid, i went for my go-to neutral eye-makeup look and paired it with a nude lip. I only contoured my cheeks; I did not put on blusher anymore. I felt like adding a blusher would over-do my look.

    I really like how this last minute look turned out! :)

    Some photos I grabbed from the party:


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    Cinderella Part 2


    Here is the second part of the photos from my debut taken by Migs Santiago. :)

    The theme for my debut was inspired by a Modern Marie Antoinette! My stylist suggested to place umbrellas in the ceiling instead of the usual lanterns to connect it to Marie Antoinette. My centerpieces were mostly pink flowers with accents of gold ornaments and pearls! I also had an all pink dessert buffet inspired my Marie antoinette’s love for sweets!

    The program for my debut was very short and fast paced!

    I entered with a dance number and then went out to change into my gown so I had to enter two times! I didn’t have the traditional 18 candles and just asked 10 of my closest girl friends to speak for me!

    For the usual 18 roses, I called my 18 roses segment “Dancing with Maxie” and i basically grouped my guy friends into categories and made them dance to all sorts of genres (mostly ballroom)! We danced the waltz, salsa, kpop, cha cha cha, lyrical, and more. :)

    Each boy who took part in my 18 roses segment was part of a video wherein each of them had to answer really unique questions about me! I also had a “Silly thing Max says” video where my guy friends tried to imitate the way I act and speak!

    I also included two games to spice things up and to get my HS and college friends acquainted!

    Daryl my bakla friend

    Le Polar bear on a diet, Biondi Te

    lol my friend Nathan trying to semi carry me!

    My super cute uncle who looks like Jollibee when dancing. :)

    I made sure my dad got to do the most lifts! hahaha!

    Blockmate love!

    This photos deserves a special place in this post because my fab friend Daryl forced Dean to buy a bow tie just because it was part of my dress code! HEHE

    The Ericka and Krissy Villongco with James Reid

    Friends from ADMU! <3

    My brother taking advantage of the fact that he can do almost anything to me on stage. HA HA.

    He has two left feet but he still danced with me. HEHE Love you, Shots!

    Semi-mortified at the “Silly Things Max Says” video that my 18 roses friends prepared for me!

    My two blockmates who tried to dance a super short contemporary dance number with me!

    Ray and Peepoy

    My 2 guy batch mates who I Lalalala looove! I made them dance SALSA with me! :)

    My girlies. <3

    MGC friends!

    My sneaky little brother teases and bickers with me for a living surprised me with THE BEST birthday gift EVER. He upgraded his little brother status to BEST LITTLE BROTHER EVER!!!!! He got me VIP tickets to my ultimate fave KPOP band, BIG BANG. <333333

    My talented media coverage team, 11:11 productions. :)

    HI NEIL!

    My competitice, up-for-anything college friends!


    This is late but I want to thank everyone who took part in making my special day memorable. :)


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    Happy Halloween!


    Hello everyone!

    I’m sorry, this post is a teeny bit late! Most of you are probably partying the night away as I write this! I just got back from Baguio for a family trip and I was basically under a rock there. ha ha!

    Anyway, this is actually my first time to actually dress up for halloween! I never knew it was such a big deal to people until i met my friends Kally, Krissy and Ericka! It was so much fun getting my costume made! Kally would pick Ericka and Me up to go to Kamuning every morning just to get our costumes made! I went as little red riding hood. hee hee. I wasn’t able to take a decent outfit photo with everyone so I’m grabbing Ericka’s!

    Ericka as wonderwoman, Kally as Alice, Me, Krissy as Little Mermaid and Tori as a fairy!

    Ericka being such a cutie, photobombing my photo! haha

    Ericka did my makeup because I wanted to get someone else to do my makeup for a change! Will try to recreate the look in another post. ;)

    Joe, Fred, Yela, and Me

    Joe goofing around! hehe

    I had so much fun in my first ever halloween party! We started getting ready at 5. I know, crazy right?! I left my red cape in the car. Ha ha. People thought I was a pirate. :( Oh well! I might recreate this look for a makeup tutorial and you might be able to see my COMPLETE costume. hahaha!

    This year is full of many “firsts” for me. :) What or who are you guys going as? oops. Who/what did you guys go as?? :) Tell me in the comment section below! :)

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    Teal and Pastel

    ring from F21 || belt from f21 || Casio watch

    I looove teal and pastel colors! My super fabulous fashion loving friend Daryl keeps on telling me that those colors are for summer and that I should dress according to this year’s fall palette. I told her that I dress like it’s summer or sumer all year. Teehee! I don’t really dress according to seasons because I usually just dress according to how I am feeling. I’m generally a very happy person so I always end up looking I’m dressed for the spring/summer season. :)

    Anyway my friend Trufferson Chungpeng from New Zealand Natural Ice Cream invited me to attend a cooking demo featuring New Zealand Natural  Ice cream which was held at the Cookery at the Fort.

    yummy ice cream cookies!

    couldn’t get enough of this! The cookie’s texture as a perfect match to the ice cream because it wasn’t crumbly and wasn’t too hard either.

    Ice Cream based gelatin with mango puree!

    Ice Cream Pie with a chocolate flavored crust. heavenly!

    Ice cream based scones. Cool right? I didn’t know that you can do so much with Ice cream!

    I forgot her name but she was the one who did all the demonstrations! It was super easy listening to her! I get bored easily but she made the whole demonstration fun and interactive! :)

    some of the ice cream flavors by New Zealand Natural Ice cream! They are cheaper when you buy them at the cookery. :)

    fellow bloggers, Sheena and Daryl!

    Daryl and Me. <3

    The cookery’s kitchen! super adorbs!

    I had so much fun at the cooking demo! It rekindled my love for baking and the ice cream based recipes made me feel like a kid again! That, and I got to bond and catch up with Daryl (http://3748miles.blogspot.com/) and got to meet Achie Sheena (http://sheenalovessunsets.tumblr.com/). <3


    Here’s my look and face of the Day:

    Blazer from HnM || Top from SM Department Store || shorts from F21 || clutch from Mango || flats from Bass

    OH. Check out my new hair. HAHA I would have raved about the salon if not for my predator stylist. Click here for my salon horro story.

    ring from F21 || belt from f21 || Casio watch

    FOTD (face of the day)

    I opted for a neutral eye look using my Too Faced Natural Eye Palette because the event I attended was held during day time! I also used an affordable eyebrow pencil from Ever Bilena, my Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, Shu Uemura concealer, Mac mineralize blush in gentle, and Mac lipstick in chatterbox! For my lashes, I used my favorite Majolica Majorca Lash Expander mascara. <3


    That’s it and thanks for reading! <3


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    PS: Thanks to Mr. Chunpeng of New Zealand Natural Ice Cream for inviting me to their event! Like their page here.