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Hi everyone!

I’m back with my first ever lifestyles related post! I really want to try to incorporate lifestyle posts into my blog so that those who aren’t really into beauty can still find something interesting to read. My friend Gila Salvador from Paperplanes Manila asked me if she could send me some stuff from her new online shop that sells CUSTOMIZED (amazing right omg) hardbound notebooks! She didn’t ask me to write up a review of any sort like that in exchange for the goodies but since I really feel like the products are worth blogging about, I decided to dedicate a blog post to review my goodies! <3

She sent me the following: a 5 subject customizable notebook, a customizable binder, and a laptop decal. She asked me to pick out the design I wanted. Paperplanes Manila has a wide array of designs to choose from! You can even send in your own design if you want. :) It’s fully customizable!

5 Subject Notebook

The notebook is neatly wrapped in plastic to ensure its durability. I also really like the fact that the notebook is quite heavy which just shows how STURDY it is! I feel like it will last me more than a semester. :) The design I chose came out so nicely that I already had classmates asking about it when I started using it in school!  The 5 subject notebook has 175-200 unruled pages to “stimulate creativity”. I like that I can use it for up to 5 subjects (or even more) because I have more or less 5 subjects for school.  

I forgot to choose a design for the back so Gila took my blog header and put in on the back. It was so sweet of her; she placed it there without telling me. :)

The first page comes with this useful page that can help people locate me in case I lose my notebook or in case something happens to me.

They have 3 kinds of paper to choose from: class A bond paper, scrap book (brown) paper and cream paper. I opted for the classic bond paper.

Customized Binder

The customized binder is the size of a long bond paper but they also offer binders for short bond 
papers. I went for the one that accommodates long bond papers to maximize the use of my binder. :) The binder is neatly covered with plastic like my notebook.

Gila took it upon herself to add my full name at the back of my binder too. <3 I can’t believe I forgot to tell her what I wanted. It’s a good thing she put my name because it would have looked so bare without my name. :)

 It has a packet for random pieces of paper, 10 clear sheet protectors, a paper envelope, and also 4 colored sheets of hard paper to act as dividers. This is super useful for all my readings and what not! I bought 20 pieces of extra sheet protectors but I feel like the binder can fit in more. The design I chose came out so prettily as well!

Laptop Decal

The shop offers various laptop decal designs. The laptop decal I chose says “dreamer” in a super cutesey font! AHHH <3. It came in with instructions that were super easy to follow. The decals do not leave marks on laptops which is a PLUS for me. :)

Final Thoughts

Paperplanes Manila is such a fun and original concept. They’re all 100% made in the Philippines. The products are of high quality, sturdy, durable, and too pretty for words! The best thing about their notebooks is that no notebook comes out the same because they are all FULL CUSTOMIZABLE. These pretty items from Paperplanes Manila make studying seem fun and colorful! They are gorgeous alternatives for the expensive notebooks that you find in fullybooked. haha!  They also offer custom car plates and custom phone cases. :) Check out their page for more info! <3

I wanna thank Gila Salvador of Paperplanes Manila again for sending me these goodies! :)

What do you guys think about my first lifestyle post?? :) <3 



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