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Hong Kong Mini Makeup Haul and Review: Canmake and Dejavu


Like I said in a previous post, my last trip to Hong Kong featured a more “adventurous” me by literally swatching and grabbing random things that left an impression on me. Just to give you a back story on how I mostly purchase my makeup, I purchase 70% of my makeup after extensive research online, while I purchase 30% of my makeup through impulse buying. I always feel like going through a spaghetti-shaped maze when looking for reviews on Asia makeup products because a lot of the reviews are in different languages while Western reviews (I feel) are quite limited due to the fact that access to Asian beauty products is very inconvenient. Thus, I always end up giving up and turning a blind eye to Asian beauty products. I wanted to change this habit and just try to discover things on my own, like before so I bought a couple of wildcard products in Sasa. I purchased the Dejavu Fiberware Extra Long Mascara, Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner, and Canmake Conceal and Stretch UV Waterproof Concealer.


Dejavu Fiberware Extra Long Mascara

Both Dejavu items on this review actually came in a package. There was a promotion then and the Sales Assistant recommended it to me. I thought the price was decent (I’m sorry but I lost the packaging and I forgot how much it really costs). I found the mascara very promising because of its curved wand. However, upon trying it a couple of times, it just didn’t work well for my thin and short lashes. It promises lengthening but it did anything but that to my lashes. If any, it helped volumize my lashes by 10%.


But the downfall of this mascara for me is that is that it can’t hold the curl of my lashes. To make it work, I just re-curl my lashes but doing so isn’t really safe for the lashes. One thing I like about its formulation is that it’s waterproof. To end, I don’t see any harm in trying this out because mascaras are very personal items and a lot of products might not work for me but might work for other and vice versa.

Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner


I swatched this a couple of times and i thought that it made pretty decent lines and had good pigmentation. Trying it out was a different story. The first thing I noticed was the borderline rough applicator that provided a lot of tugging onto my lids. Also, the design of the edge of the purple pen nearest to the applicator is poorly executed and causes difficulty in application. I like the true black shade of this liner as well as it’s natural looking finish but I also had problems with wearing time. Overall, I do not recommend this eyeliner.

Canmake Conceal and Stretch UV Waterproof Concealer

After trying out both Dejavu products, I was feeling very low. Until I tried my newest liquid concealer from Canmake. To be honest, I haven’t been trying out a lot of concealers because I love my ZA concealer but I thought it was time to discover new products to love. I’m happy to report that this is one of them. This concealer comes in 3 shades: 01 Light Beige, 02 Natural Beige and 03 Ochrel Beige. I picked 02 Natural Beige because it was the closest one to my skin tone.  The consistency is a tad bit thicker than normal liquid concealers but still light enough to place under the eyes. I like how it matches my skin, covers my minor imperfections such as zit and discolorations, how it’s very easy to blend and how it stays put on my skin. Overall, I’d recommend this as an alternative to expensive concealers from Western brands but my only qualm is that its shades are quite limited.

Me Wearing All Three Products:


after I re-curled my lashes… If I don’t re-curl, my lashes won’t be seen :(


Final Thoughts

Although I was let down by two of the products, I’m still happy that I discovered one new product to love. It also doesn’t hurt as much because these are mid-range products. Finally, I missed just trying out products without any insight because the thrill of the surprise is something I’ve forgotten to experience.

Let me know what you think about this post! I love hearing from you. :)


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    I have bought so much Asian makeup on impulse because it’s impossible to find reviews in languages I can read. Plus, most of the products aren’t terribly expensive so I figure it wouldn’t be much of a loss if I didn’t like it. They seem to always have so many interesting things with interesting claims to lure you in, though!

    07/20/2015 at 2:42 AM
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