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Falling Head Over Heels With MAC Mehr


My first few makeup hauls when my love affair with makeup was beginning to blossom involved me buying bullet after bullet of MAC lipsticks all of which I ordered online. Ever since, I’ve never had any MAC lipstick hauls anymore and just occasionally buy tubes here and there (and even witht his restraint, a huge majority of my lipsticks are from MAC).  Because I want to try as much shades and formulas from other brands too! This is why I was so happy when my close friend Isa gave me MAC Mehr as a birthday present when she found out that Mehr was on my must-buy list! Thank you Lord for giving me friends whoo understand the makeup-addiction-struggle.


Ever since MAC Heroine and Evening rendezvous broke me out of my pink-nude color spectrum rut, this has been the only lipstick in the pinky nude lipstick army that’s had the ability to shake me out of my love for my bold colored lipsticks. Seriously guys, it’s so good! MAC describes it as a “dirty blue pink”. And I agree. I used to buy lipsticks that look good on the tube, aka colors that look good to my eyes. But after a lot of errors, I’ve grown to learn that more than usually, ugly looking lipsticks in tubes (brownish pinks) look more flattering on me than the typical girly pink shades. The shade applies a tad bit deeper than the usual MLBB shade because my natural lip color isn’t as pigmented as others. But I still would consider it as a PERFECT everyday pink shade.



As for dupes, I think it’s very similar to Urban Decay’s Lipstick Revolution in Fiend. Fiend is a lot more moisturizing and glossy while Mehr is a tad bit deeper, browner. I’m currently liking Mehr over Fiend because my Fiend lipstick has a really weird rusty smell which I’m guessing is coming from its packaging. What’s so weird is that my UD lippie in anarchy which I bought at the same time as fiend smells perfectly fine.


Left: Mehr, Right: Fiend


One of the most iconic matte shades from MAC is Ruby Woo, which also happens to be one of the driest matte lipsticks I’ve ever encountered. This is why I have always had the impression that Matte lipsticks from MAC are dry as an overbaked red velvet cake, making me essentially allergic to MAC’s Matte formulations. I was so surprised to realize that Mehr is anything but dry. In fact, it’s as creamy as a matte lipstick can be without actually dropping its matte status. It doesn’t tug on my lips as well. I’m not saying that my dry lips are completely immune to this matte formulation because I still have to take the necessary steps to moisturize mah lips.


I eat a lot… but I’m happy to report that this can survive a full meal of eating and drinking with minor touch ups. With proper lip preparations, this stay on and doesn’t flake my lips out.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I just love the specific matte formulation of this lipstick and of course, its shade is utterly divine. I like shades that I can wear with different makeup looks and this is definitely one of them.




What’s your favorite nude pink lipsticks? Let me know!


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