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Hello everyone!

I’ve said this before and I will say it again for my new readers: never underestimate the power of nicely groomed and shaped brows! Brows are like “picture frames” for the face! Beautiful photos don’t like good without frames, right? During the days when I go out sans makeup, I try to at least fill in my brows! I tell you, it makes a huuuuge difference. ;)

A few months back, I was able to purchase a voucher from Browhaus, one of the high end brow salons in the metro. I immediately bought the voucher and I finally got to use it recently! I purchased the eyebrow shaping service with semi permanent brow coloring.


The brow architect let me lie down on a reclined couch. She applied some sort of cream and then left me alone for a while. She then wiped it off and started threading my brows. It was a teeny bit painful but I noticed that the procedure was a lot less painful than in other salons. The technician then started tweezing the small hairs that weren’t be removed by the thread. She chose a brow color that matched my hair color and applied the die. I waited around 30 minutes until the brow architect rinsed the die off.

I don’t know what happened to my photo. :(

What I Love:

  • efficiently trained brow architects
  • friendly and knowledgeable brow architects
  • fairly quick procedure
  • procedure wasn’t very painful
  • super nice result from the procedure
What I don’t like
  • the cubicles didn’t have doors so anyone passing by can see you ( i value my privacy)
  • the cubicle setup kinda ruins the whole experience. the voices of people in the store can be heard from inside the cubicle
  • the service is quite expensive at 1295.


I really enjoyed my experience! My eyebrows look super nice after the procedure! I don’t know how I will be able to sustain this kind of brow maintenance on my lowly student budget. ha ha ha. I’ll probably look for sponsors (mom or dad?) teehee. I’m definitely going back! I might try their Greenbelt 5 branch because the cubicles there are private versus the kinda public cubicles in the Serendra branch.
Have you tried Browhaus’ services? Tell me all about it in the comments section! :)
Love and Liptick,


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