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Review: Dior Lip Glow


I’ve recently started to explore the world of high-end designer makeup and I have to admit, the world of high-end makeup is BLINDING and it’s getting difficult for to me to go back. But I’m on a college student’s budget so I’m going to have to go back sooner or later anyway.

When I first read a rave about the Dior Lip Glow, I did not really think much of it because I simply couldn’t find a reason why it was worth splurging on a lip care product if my good old petroleum jelly already does the job FABULOUSLY. However, when I was exploring various products in the Dior counter in Rustans, this unassuming little pink tub got me curious as to what’s so amazing about it. The Dior lady kindly helped me sanitize it and I tried it on. Oh my dear, it was love at first swipe. The fact that it was sold out during that time fueled my desire for it even more because apparently, the product has a huge following in Manila and some women buy up to 5 tubes at a time. Luckily, my mom was in Hong Kong during the time that I decided that I wanted it and she was able to get a tube for me.


The silver tube is encased in a sturdy baby pink case. I love how the end of the tube has an adorable button with inscribed with the letters CD on it. The case and the tube itself isn’t too light and not too heavy either which gives me an impression that it’s quite sturdy.

Conditioning Property


Upon first swipe, my dry lips were moisturized within seconds. My fine lines disappear within minutes. This is a bit tricky to explain but I’m hoping those who have dry lips will understand me. People who have dry and chappy lips sometimes experience lines in their lips to be so dry to the point that the skin surrounding the lines begin to stick to each other and it becomes a pain to even just smile because the lines get stretched out. After applying the Dior lip glow, the lines immediately get hydrated and that’s what I meant by fine lines disappearing. I love how the product is emollient enough to produce results right away and yet it doesn’t slip and slide nor does it feel sticky at all. It works so much like a lip balm but it doesn’t feel to balm-y and yet it’s so comfortable to wear.


Color Reviving Property

One of the major claims of the product is that it’s supposed to have some sort of special chemical property that allows it to react perfectly with your lips and as a result, it produces a pink shade that unique to every individual. The idea reminded me a lot of the colored magic lipsticks I grew up with. They came in crazy colors such as green, blue and orange and gave off different shades when applied. They were a pain in the butt to remove and the thought of applying that poorly made product on my lips gives me chills.


 Anyway, the Dior Lip Glow is so much different from the magic lipsticks I grew up with. It truly does give my lips a very unique shade of pink. When swatched on the back of my hand, the lip glow reveals a shiny color with a whisper of baby pink in it. However, when applied on my lips, I’m at a lost for words on how to describe it exactly. I notice how the product truly enhances my current lip color. I’ve tried a couple of lip balm-like products and normally, the redder/pinker the product it is from the tube, the same shade just gets transferred onto my lips. This product is so unique because just melts into my lips beautifully.  As a result, my lips adapt a shade that’s a notch better than my natural lip shade but still maintains a very natural looking color. This, my dears, is the  “my lips but better” shade at its finest. It barely has any color pay-off and for once, it’s absolutely fine with me because i feel like if it has more color pay-off, it won’t be able to allow my lips to react with its special formula and thus will not produce a unique shade that’s perfect for me.



Final Thoughts

I am completely in love with this product. It keeps my lips moisturized better than most of my lip balms but the best part of this product is the natural kissable lips that it produces WITHIN MINUTES. It’s perfect for those looking for a “ponds-girl” look. It looks super fresh and I can totally go on for days by swapping this for lipsticks. I’m a lipstick LOVER and you know it’s the real deal when I say that I can switch this for my beloved lipsticks.



I’ve never encouraged you guys to buy any of the high-end makeup products I’ve reviewed in this blog. However, if there was ONE high-end designer product that I’ll ever say that you NEED, it would be this one. I’m saying this because it’s truly a very unique product and I haven’t tried anything that comes close to it. This is the ONE high-end product I’ve had so far that I’m willing to repurchase.

For those who are allergic to glossy lips and for those who don’t like pink lips can skip on this though because pink glossy lips are constant results of this product.

Thank for reading! Please let me know your thoughts on this in your comments below! I would LOVE to hear from you. :)


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  • Reply Meg

    That looks so pretty on you! Talagang mlbb! Ganda ah. ❤️

    09/07/2014 at 3:42 PM
  • Reply Juvy

    Looks like a great product! Your lips look very hydrated and juicy. :’) The way you describe how it hydrates the lips instantly reminds me of the Sugar Lip Balm. If I become richer, I better grab this one. Great review, Maxie!

    09/08/2014 at 9:33 PM
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