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New Hair Don’t Care: Salon Beauvoir


I know, I was on more than a week long hiatus, forgive me. But I had a good reason, finals week and pre-finals week was KILLING me. However, I’m proud to say that I’m back with new hair and finally said au revoir to my old hair AND my third year in college!! I literally got my makeover right after I finished typing my last paper/deliverable for the school year and SENT IT IN online while I was in the salon! teehee.


I’ve had my hair done at Salon Beauvoir at Somerset Olympia makati once using a deal grocer voucher but didn’t get to blog about it because I lost my photos. When I found out they had another deal on dealgrocer, I pounced on it. Their services were impeccable the first time around and I knew that I wanted to get my hair done there again. My voucher cost me P2610 for a haircut with a senior stylist, hair color (any length) and Keratherapy’s Express Keratin Color Lock which would have cost me P1200, P2800, and P2000 respectively. Those three services would add up to P6000 without the voucher.


all the treatments neatly displayed

The Place


The spacious salon seriously embodies Parisian chic from every nook and cranny. It was well lighted, beautifully designed and I felt right at home! They also have really quick wifi which was really helpful during my second visit because I had to leave my house to reach my appointment but I wasn’t able to send my paper to my professor. I seriously sent it while I was getting my hair colored. HIHI. They also served me and my plus one (josh) red iced tea twice which was really nice of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthey even have a men’s corner


Miss Monette and Janice


Miss Monette is the senior hair stylist of the salon and she was the one who did my hair the last time I was there so I requested for her to work her magic on my hair again. Janice was her lovely assistant who did most of the coloring. I really want to dedicate a paragraph to them because they were both so accommodating. I particularly want to commend Miss Monette for her passion for hair. My voucher only entitled me to a hair coloring service but she really did so much more. I’ve been to other salons where they offer me to choose within their service menu and they’d follow the color that I choose. I showed miss Monette some pegs and she really did her thing by choosing THREE different colors for me:  a light color on the crown, a darker shade in the middle, and and even darker shade at the bottom. She was able to customize my hair color, to give me a sombre (soft ombre) despite my voucher only covering a coloring service. Doing something like that takes talent and she definitely has it. She made me feel really special by custom making a color for me which is why I love her to death. She was very hands on with everything even if Janice was the one applying the hair color and treatment. Miss Monette made sure to supervise how my hair was parted for the hair color and was the one mixing the colors for me. I also like how Miss Monette was very frank with me. I initially wanted an ash brown color just because I wanted new hair for a change and she agreed to do it. However, I was iffy with my choice and asked her if she thought I should retain a shade similar to my hair and she said yes because the my hair color pre-makeover suited my skin tone really well.

Hair Color


The hair dye used on my hair was not ammonia free which means that it’s a bit harsher than other hair dyes (Loreal Inoa) but I did not really mind because I’m not choosy like that. haha I have tried the Loreal Inoa though and it was nice too. Like I said, Miss Monette gave me a sombre which is a soft ombre. I know mixing three colors sounds weird but I’ll leave you to judge the results as I will be posting the photos near the end of this post. I like how they did not apply the color directly on my roots right away and chose to add the color last because the hair near the scalp absorbs the dye really fast. Therefore applying the dye near on the roots together with the rest of the hair will make the hair near the scalp lighter than the rest of the hair.


While waiting for my hair color to sink in.. Thanks for accompanying me the whole time, J! :)

Keratherapy’s Express Keratin Color Lock

The treatment was fairly simple. Some sort of mist was sprayed onto my hair after my hair was rinsed and blow dried. The used a special flat iron to activate the treatment. It’s supposed to make my hair look shiny and more vibrant and is supposed to last for a week.


I tend to grow my hair and feel like I want a total makeover so I’d ask the hair stylist to cut like 4 inches off my hair. I’d go home heartbroken because I realize that I look better with long. I swear, it’s a cycle. haha. This time, I just asked for a trim to make my hair look more healthy.


I really love how my hair turned out and I equally love the service of their staff. The place is ADORABLE and tres chic! My voucher was definitely a steal. They did not treat me any differently even if I was just using a voucher. I really recommend you to get Miss Monette to do your hair when you decide to give this faaabulous salon a try. The deal/voucher I purchased is still ongoing and you may purchase is at Dealgrocer.


service menu

Final Result


before and after


so so happy with my new hair!


What’s your favorite salon? :)









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