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Tales of a Hungry Maxie: Spatzle Euro Market


Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, I launched the newest series of my blog dedicated to food called, “maxie likes to eat”. The foodie boyfriend (uy foodie daw) quickly pointed out that is was similar to his favorite food blogger’s blog name, “Jin Loves To Eat”. Of course I did not want to look like I was intentionally copying Jin’s blog because I like to read her blog once in a while too! So, with careful consideration, I decided to change the name of my food review series to “Tales of a Hungry Maxie”. My friend Isa suggested “hungry maxie” because both words rhymed and I realized that it was something the boyfriend would often tell me: “Hungry Maxie na ba?” Thus, my new foodie series name is born! :)

My family and I went out for dinner a few days ago. We wanted to try out the new restaurants at Shang-rila Plaza’s east wing. Our first choice was Green Pastures but the waiting line was so long. We decided to try our second choice, Spatzle Euro Market. Spatzle is a beautiful restaurant with a rustic vibe and brightly lit interiors. As its name suggests, they serve a variety of European dishes with a lot of German influences. According to our server, Spatzle is a type of pasta made of egg and is similar to gnocchi. Just like gnocchi, Spatzle comes in small dumpling-looking pieces and have a chewy texture.

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Although they specialize in spatzle dishes, they offer various other dishes to suit different taste buds. Here’s what we ordered:

Truffle Pomme-Frites


This is just basic truffle fries topped with parmesan shavings and lemon. It’s a simple dish but I love anything truffle so I really enjoyed this. The fries were fried to perfection and the thickness of the fries were just right.

Mozarella Sticks with tomato sauce and aoili


I know, it’s a bit of a boring dish but my little brother always orders this when he sees it on the menu. There wasn’t anything spectacular about this dish and it wasn’t as hot as I wanted it to be.

Spatz Beef Stew


I don’t know how to describe this because the flavor of the beef stew was so different from what I’m used to. It’s a good kind of different! I have to say that the dish arrived with TWO MEDIUM SIZED PIECES of beef. If I remember correctly, this costs around 400-500. My mom got worked up because of the incredibly tiny serving. It’s a good thing their manager handled the situation like a pro and gave us extra two pieces of beef to appease my mom. hehe.

Grilled Sausage Roesti


The first time I got to try roesti (a european potato pancake fried to a crisp) was in Chesa Bianca, Makati. It was so perfect that I still dream about it until today! Anyway, Spatzle’s version of the roesti is really well done. I love how the pancake if crisped to perfection and that it isn’t too oily.

Spatz Beef Stroganoff


Those queer looking noodles are the spatzles I was talking about. The sauce was very yummy, the beef was tender, and the spatzles were cooked al dente. It was our group’s favorite dish of the night.

Halibut with Spatzle 


 My mom had apprehensions before ordering this dish because she was scared that they’d serve dory. We clarified with the waitress and she guaranteed that it was halibut indeed. The halibut was cooked perfectly and was not dry at all. It paired with the spatzle and tomato sauce fabulously. The salad on the side was refreshing too!

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My taste buds aren’t so used to this kind of cuisine so I can’t really rave about everything in general. I liked all the dishes except for the mozzarella sticks which could have been heated more. I love pasta and I’m really the long-noodle-type-of-girl so the spatzle dishes were just alright for me. The fries, halibut, roesti, and beef stew were ally yummy! Overall, their service deserves a two thumbs up, the food was different in a good way, the ambience of the whole place was lovely. I enjoyed my dining experience in the restaurant but I probably would not come back any time soon just because I want to try so many more restuarants! Spatzle would be a good choice for those who want to try out something new and different! :)

what do you think? :)




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  • Reply Meg

    My friend warned me about this resto. Sabi niya di raw masarap haha. I frequent shang pero iniiwasan ko to. XD And wow ah, their food is expensive :((

    03/11/2014 at 3:59 PM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      haha! I wasn’t entriely impressed with it either! Green pastures dapat kami pero puno! :(

      05/23/2014 at 9:13 PM

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