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A Day in Kyoto with Shoot My Travel Part 1: Katsuragawa River


Last year, I read an article about being able to bring photographers with you to your travels. At first, I was astounded by the idea of it because I was like, “What? seriously? You can now hire a photographer to follow you around and take flawless pictures?”It sounded so ridiculous at first, but after recovering from my 10-second-shock, a slow smile creeped into my face because I knew that I was the perfect target consumer for the said product. I was actually in Bangkok when I read it. Fast forward to January, I was preparing for my Japan trip. And I had a lightbulb moment. It was more of like an idea that popped into my head and I KNEW that I HAD to make it happen. 3 months later, I’m in Japan and I was counting the days to my scheduled “shoot” day with Shoot My Travel’s very own, Kenta who’s a local in Kyoto.

I had booked Shoot My Travel’s 2 Hours SMT Photo Tour for my day in Kyoto. I was in Japan to visit Osaka and Kyoto but it was absolutely a no brainer for me to pick Kyoto as my location. I first visited it last year in August and I left a huge part of my heart in Kyoto ever since. I knew that I had to go back. Kenta and I exchanged emails regarding our meeting place: Kyoto Station. And we contacted each other on the day itself with the help of my friend, Jane who resides in Japan.

Once we finally met, we exchanged our pleasantries, and soon went off with our walking tour / photo session in my absolute favorite part of Asia, Kyoto. I have way too many photos that and it would be a shame not to share them all so I divided my posts into 3. The first part of this Kyoto Photoseries with Shoot My Travel was shot in the area near Arashiyama. More specifically, by the gorgeous Katsuragawa  River.

So, I’m going to stop babbling now, and let the photos speak for themselves.





We started out early so we made a short stop at Arabica Kyoto. It’s where I was able to have one of my best cups of coffee in Japan. I had the fragrant and silky cafe latte which felt like a warm hug amidst the chilly weather.



Stay tuned for more in the next following days!



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    Hi, May I know the full name of your photographer in Kyotor??

    04/25/2017 at 8:30 AM
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