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My 2nd day for 2013 was very well spent! I went out with 2 of my girlfriends from my High School barkada and my guy bestie who’s now studying abroad! My high school barkada’s favorite past time is EATING! We don’t go clubbing and bond over yummy food and funny conversations instead! For our mini reunion, my friend Jemimah suggested that we visit the Mind Museum at the Fort.
I’m glad that I was with good company when I visited the museum. :) My experience was made so much more memorable because I was with my friends! :)

I look like a giant in this photo!


Corset from a bazaar, shorts from HnM

clutch from a friend, shoes from Payless, watch from Michael Kors, leather bracelet from a friend

Blazer from HnM

HE HE I kept on trying to create a huge bubble but the wind was too strong. :(

My friends almost always let me choose where we eat! I was researching on places to eat while I was getting ready to leave and I had Wild Flour in mind! I forgot to take the address down. Good thing The Mind Museum offers free wifi AND their information counter is very helpful! We walked to Wild Flower from the Mind Museum! :)

Banh Mi Sliders

Croque Madame

steak and eggs

California Burger

Jem (the slowest eater), Ralph (the bottomless pit), yours truly, Kristine (best photog ever)! :)

The food was really good! Another thing I love when eating out with my girlfriends is that we always share what we order! I got to try everything and I can’t pick my favorite dish. Everything was soo yummy! For dessert, we walked all the way to High Street for The Cake Club! It was so windy and we wanted to “burn” what we ate. :)

my fave, Ispahan (raspberrie and lychee macaroon! )


HI ;;)

reacting over something that my friend ralph did with our social netwrok accounts. haha.

 Great food + amaaazing company: YES PLEASE! I can’t wait to make more memories this year! :)


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