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Happy Skin Beauty in Bloom Collection

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I’m a very confusing person sometimes. I tend to go along with some hypes, but on others, I prefer to stay stubborn and not get carried away by the hype. This is exactly what happened with me when it comes to Happy Skin Cosmetics. The hype is crazy and I found nothing wrong with the products themselves as I tried them out in the Happy Skin counters. But I unconsciously chose to go against the hype for a while. Until I recently decided that I finally wanted to step into the world of Happy Skin when I saw the most irresistible packaging in the world through the Summer Beauty in Bloom Collection! I knew that it was already from an older collection, but I decided to go for it anyway because I’m like to think I’m a bad ass like that.

I know that a lot of you might already be acquainted the fabulousness of Happy Skin’s moisturizing lippies but I’m going to give my 2 cents anyway for those stubborn ones like me who haven’t tried out Happy Skin’s products yet!



Like I said, what drew me to purchase this product is its beyond beautiful packaging. Happy Skin has come up with a lot of beautiful packagings, don’t get me wrong. But this one appealed to me the most because I’m a girly girl to the bone..marrow and I just couldn’t resist it’s matte-floral-box packaging!


Shade, Formula

Another reason why I decided to purchase this product was because of the shades of lippies it contains. This Shut up and Kiss Me set includes two limited edition shades: Bride to be and Hold my Hand. Bride to Be is a very neutral rosey carnation pink while Hold my Hand is a deeper brownish pink. However, Bride to Be doesn’t register well on me with my considerably light hair color. Hold my Hand is the perfect everyday pink for me but registers with a hint of when I wear it.

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Hold my Hand (left) and Bride to Be (right)

These are one of the best if not the best local lipstick formula in the market in my honest opinion. The product glides on my lips like Le Beurre d’Echiré butter! It’s as good as a moisturizing lippie can get but it also stays on very comfortably.

Moisturizing Power and Longevity


The formula of these lippies are definitely top notch. Their moisturizing power immediately make these lippies best friends with my perpetually dry lips. Although it does not stay as long as a matte lippie, it stays longer than usual compared to other lippies that are tagged as moisturizing.


hold my hand


Bride to Be

Final Thoughts

I can’t believe I waited this long to try Happy Skin products! I love the formulation of these lippies, the packaging is always TDF, and they offer a huge range of shades with Filipinas  in mind. I can’t wait to try more products!


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