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Review: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick


I’ve always been and will always be a lippie girl! I love lipsticks more than lipglosses! I barely use lip glosses, actually. The first thing I checked out in the Etude House store was the lipsticks! I started swatching the shades and ended up picking up two lippies. I actually wanted to get one more but I had to restrict myself! ha ha. The first one that I’ll be reviewing is the BE101.

The Product

It’s just like any other lipstick enclosed in a plastic case. It doesn’t say in the box how much the actual weight of the product is but it’s net weight (weight including the packaging) is 3.4g. A MAC lipstick’s net weight is twice of this Etude House Lipstick. I don’t mind though because it’s cost is around half of a mac lipstick’s: PHP 478

What I Love:

  • The packaging is very cute.
  • BE101 has a GORGEOUS lips but better shade! I haven’t been wearing lipsticks lately because I realized how nice my lips look even with just a small amount of lip balm. However, this has such a gorgeous nude shade and it makes me wanna start wearing lipsticks more often!
  • The nude shade doesn’t make me look pale or washed out at all.
  • The heart carving on the lipstick is divine! The carving reminds me of some high-end lipsticks like Burberry which have carvings as well.
  • It’s incredibly moisturizing on my lips.

What I don’t like:

    • I noticed that the whole product feels very light and it’s casing doesn’t feel as sturdy as other lipsticks.
    • It doesn’t last as long as other lipsticks as well. It lasted around 3-4 hours on me.


Final Recommendations

I really like this lipstick! The shade is PERFECT on my lips and I’ve actually been wearing this a lot these days. I recommend this to girls who are looking for a your-lips-but-better shade for a really affordable price. It’s less than 500 pesos! :)

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