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MAC Glamour Daze Collection Review: MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish


Upon seeing swatches and reviews online, the first product that I really wanted to purchase from the MAC Glamour Daze collection is the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper of Gilt. It’s a re-promoted item from one of the previous MAC collections. The fact that it’s being re-promoted means that it really is a good product. When I swatched it in the store, the swatches made me fall in love with the product even more! I had a limited budget so I had two choices: buy individual products from the collection or buy a set. I couldn’t afford buying the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish along with a set. I wanted the Extra Dimension Skinfinish more than I wanted the set so I decided to purchase individual products from the collection.

There were two extra dimension finishes: Super and Whisper of Gilt. I got Whisper of Gilt because the MAC makeup artist suggested that Whisper of Gilt suited my skin tone more than Superb. Accroding to her, Superb is more suited of morenas or tan skinned women.

What I Love:

  • the swirly design’s GORGEOUS! it doesn’t last very long though because it started fading away after a couple of times of using it
  • the color of the product is a beautiful champagne gold shade
  • it has just the right amount of shimmer (not too shimmery)
  • a little goes a long way with this product
  • it serves it’s purpose as a highlighter very well
  • it can be used as an eye shadow (all over the lid)
What I don’t like
  • this comes in a limited edition packaging and I don’t like the material of the packaging because it accumulates fingerprints easily
  • it’s quite expensive at PHP1750 a pop!
  • none much!
Tips and Recommendations
  • use an angled brush or stipling brush to apply
  • swipe on top of your cheek bones; used you pupil as a marker and swipe from below your pupil (you don’t want your ENTIRE face to shine. ;) The key to highlighting is to highlight the areas on your face where the light hits)
  • you may use this as a highlighter on your brow bone and cupid’s bow as well
  • remember: a little goes a long way!
I’ve been using this almost everyday and I ABSOLUTELY love it! I recommend this to those who are looking for a nice highlighter. Although this is a new holy grail product of mine, highlighters in general aren’t really part of the basic makeup must-haves. Highlighters serve like a cherry on top of a cake. You don’t really need it, but it’s definitely something nice to have! :) Makeup enthusiasts and normal girls alike will definitely love this product!



When blended out.. GORGEOUS SHADE!!!!


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