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I was on a very short hiatus until recently because I’ve relocated my mini Panini Stall to Mezza Norte (near UP technohub). My panini stall was conceptualized around July this year! I went to New York for the first time this summer and I wanted to incorporate a New York theme into the conceptualization of my items and menu. All the items in my menu are inspired by different elements of New York and my friend Justine helped me with naming some my menu items! :)

We were active for a week until I decided to wait and look for better location for my panini stall. About three weeks ago, God has proven to me once again how faithful and amazing He is by allowing me to finally have a stall in Mezza Norte! I waited roughly three months just to get my application processed and by His grace I am now finally able to let people taste the delicious paninis that I truly BELIEVE in (drama much? ha ha ha.)!

Ever since we got in, I’ve been attending to my stall every night, meeting wonderful people and being inspired by the people I meet. I was also reminded by how supportive my friends and family are. I’ve been selling paninis every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6pm-3am and it’s really tiring especially since I have class on Friday and Saturday. What’s been encouraging me to keep pushing for this is the never-ending support of my friends, family, and of course the customers who have been giving me good feedback on the paninis. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing customers go back to my stall even a week after they buy from my stall.

Here are some photos of some of my memorable moments from these past few weeks!

Jeff with his Empire Steak Panini!

Josh and I with the one and only Ramon Bautista! I look stressed out here but I’m with Ramon Bautista so… KEBS.

My best friend in Mezza Norte, Paul who is also the owner of Wrap Battle.

With Lourd Veyra from the band Radio Active Sago Project.

My fabulous friends, Justine (justeen) and Justin (as in justin bieber) Hahaha.

Me holding a snake from a group of exotic animal enthusiasts! They told me that they’d buy from me if I touched their pet snake. lol.

Customer-turned-friend, Lance!

With my talented and supportive friend Aj. He created the graphic design for my menu in one night! Check out his works here.

Selling to customers! :)

Arguably the prettiest becky in the Ateneo, Martin Tuanquin! <3

Josh working his charm in selling to this lovely customer! hehe.

Model turned singer for a night, Anton! HEEHEE. (He sang Yellow :> )

With one fo the cutest barkadas I’ve ever met! Andre, Monnik (who recently celebrated her birthday) and of course the driver/wingman/bodyguard/amazing friend, Anton. :)

With the whole group! hehe

With a leaner Miggy :> He’s sporting a new look which I don’t love but I’m still supporting it cuz he’s such an amazing friend. ;)


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