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Review: Ddung Lipstick


Hi there!

I’m back with another lipstick review! I have this insane addiction for lipsticks so please bear with me. ha ha. I’ve never actually heard of the brand Ddung  until I met my friend Mitch, my classmate at MUD. She brought some samples and I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try one out.


I chose a Ddung lipstick in the shade DL03. It comes in an adorable plastic packaging. Comapared to my Karadium Lipstick, the packaging of this lipstick feels lighter and a bit more prone to breakage. The shade I chose is a really light pink and it reminds me of the lipstick that was released by MAC feat. Nicki Minaj.

What I Love

I’m a pink lippie kind of girl and I have a wide variety of pink lipstick shades. I don’t think I have a shade similar to this yet which is why this is the lipstick that I wanted to get. I really like how unique the color is! It is very pigmented and is easy to apply. It lasted around 4 hours on me. :)

What I don’t like

It feels likes a matte shade which is why it is a bit drying on me. I have dry lips so the lines on my lips were slightly emphasized when I applied the lipstick. It’s not something I hate. It’s just something that I observed. I also am not very fond of the packaging. It’s not much of an issue with me though.



Final Thoughts and Recommendations

I’m so happy to be able to add another lipstick that I like to my growing arsenal of lipsticks! I like this lipstick overall and I think it’s very affordable as well! I’d probably purchase some more colors in other shades. ;) To grab your own Ddun or Karadium lipstick, go here!

That’s it for now! what do you guys think?




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