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    5 Minute Review: Nail&Co.


    Hi everyone!

    I’ve decided to create a new series for my blog called “5 Minute Review” where I will be reviewing various things from makeup, to nail spas, and food. The idea is to be super straight to the point so that you can finish reading the entire review in 5 minutes! I’ll be throwing in these “5 Minute Review” posts once in a while because I understand that not everyone has the luxury to listen to me babbling over useless things. Anyhoo, let’s get started! :)

    This week, I redeemed my voucher from Nail&Co. located in the Fort which I purchased from Deal Grocer. The services included in the voucher were the following: hand spa, foot spa, manicure, and pedicure. I forgot the price of the voucher, hehe I’m sorry! All I remember is that it was really cheap.

    The place itself isn’t very big but cozy. The room temperature was just right and the music was very relaxing. I chose to sat near the window just because I wanted some sunlight. I liked that they gave me an array of scents to choose from for my hand and foot spa. The scents were lavender, pink grapefruit, bergamot, eucalyptus, and peppermint if I remember correctly. Only one attendant worked with me but I didn’t mind having only one work with me. I find that having two people working on me kind of takes away relaxation points. The process for the food spa was: exfoliate, rinse, foot & leg mask, rinse. My toe nails were cleaned and buffed out, my legs and feet had a brief massage then were painted with my nail polish of choice. The same procedure was applied to the hands.


    Things I liked:

    • ambience was relaxing
    • comfortable couch (BIG FACTOR FOR ME)
    • the brief massage was heavenly
    • imported polish choices including a few premium polish choices (chanel, etc)
    • friendly nail technicians
    • wi-fi connection


    • my nail technician would tend to bump the pusher on my skin
    • use of OPI and Essie polishes had extra charge (i’m used to not having to pay extra for OPI, China Glaze, Orly, and Essie)
    • i’m guessing that the massage area was where the staff were chilling while waiting for customers, it was right in front of me so there were times when I got kind of disturbed by the noise
    • I have really thick callouses o my foot so I would have appreciated it if the technician took the time to scrub it a bit more
    • they had no dryer or quick dry :(
    • Although the place was very clean, the tools didn’t arrive wrapped in plastic. I’m used to seeing the nail tools wrapped in plastic which implies that the tools are regularly sterilized.

    In a Nutshell

    Sorry, I tend to be really sensitive to all the details when it comes to nail spas. I take my pampering time quite seriously and I’ve been to a loot of nail spas which is why I have so much comments haha! Anyway, I was in a really good mood that time which is why despite all my comments, I still had a relaxing time at Nail&Co. All my comments are just things that they can improve on but I think that Nail&Co. really has the potential to be an excellent nail salon. The Bottom line is, I did not experience anything that really turned me off from the place and actually still got to enjoy my me time! The nail spa is worth visiting. :)


    SORRY, I wanted to make this super quick but I couldn’t stand not saying all my comments. :( I’ll try harder next time to keep my “5 Minute Reviews” short and simple! :)

    until next time!



    2/F Kensigton Place 1st Avenue corner 29th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines


    Beauty, Reviews

    Review: Ddung Lipstick


    Hi there!

    I’m back with another lipstick review! I have this insane addiction for lipsticks so please bear with me. ha ha. I’ve never actually heard of the brand Ddung  until I met my friend Mitch, my classmate at MUD. She brought some samples and I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try one out.


    I chose a Ddung lipstick in the shade DL03. It comes in an adorable plastic packaging. Comapared to my Karadium Lipstick, the packaging of this lipstick feels lighter and a bit more prone to breakage. The shade I chose is a really light pink and it reminds me of the lipstick that was released by MAC feat. Nicki Minaj.

    What I Love

    I’m a pink lippie kind of girl and I have a wide variety of pink lipstick shades. I don’t think I have a shade similar to this yet which is why this is the lipstick that I wanted to get. I really like how unique the color is! It is very pigmented and is easy to apply. It lasted around 4 hours on me. :)

    What I don’t like

    It feels likes a matte shade which is why it is a bit drying on me. I have dry lips so the lines on my lips were slightly emphasized when I applied the lipstick. It’s not something I hate. It’s just something that I observed. I also am not very fond of the packaging. It’s not much of an issue with me though.



    Final Thoughts and Recommendations

    I’m so happy to be able to add another lipstick that I like to my growing arsenal of lipsticks! I like this lipstick overall and I think it’s very affordable as well! I’d probably purchase some more colors in other shades. ;) To grab your own Ddun or Karadium lipstick, go here!

    That’s it for now! what do you guys think?




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