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Review: Karadium Lipstick Review


Hi guys!

I’m so excited to write this post because today I’m going to share with you my latest lipstick discovery! Those who have been following my blog know that I kind of have a lipstick obsession! I just feel like a girl can’t have enough lipsticks!

I found out that one of my class mates in MUD (make-up designory Manila) distributes various korean cosmetics in Cebu. She carries the brands Karadium and Ddung for her lipsticks. I haven’t heard of both of those brands so I purchased 1 shade from each brand. She described Karadium lipsticks to be super luxurious lipsticks. Ddung, on the other hand, would be a good choice if you’re looking for fun and youthful shades.


I’m not so sure about the actual design of the drawing and logo on the lipstick case but I like how the lipstick is enclosed in a smooth casing. I’m not entirely sure if the casing is made out of plastic. It reminds me of metal but it’s probably be made out of high quality plastic. The bottom line is the casing seems strong and sturdy. I also like that I can use the case as mirror because I can see my reflection on the case quite clearly. This is perfect especially when I’m on the go and I have no mirror with me.

What I Love:

 I think it’s quite obvious how much I like my pink lipsticks! I’m so happy to have added another pink lippie in my collection. I chose this shade because it looks like a plum-my pink and I don’t think I have a shade similar to this yet.

I got the shade in 206.

My friend said that these lipstick feel extremely luxurious on the lips and TRUE ENOUGH, they DO feel sooo luxurious on my lips! The apply like butter on my lips and they are incredibly moisturizing. The lipstick also has an excellent color pay off. This lipstick feels like a lipstick AND lipgloss in one product!

What I don’t like:

There isn’t much to dislike about this product. I just think that it could have a better print design on the lipstick case. The product itself deserves a nicer packaging. :)

When worn:

emote kung emote. CAN YOU SEE HOW SHINY MY LIPS LOOK?! I didn’t even put any lipgloss on!! THIS STUFF IS AMAAAZING.

Final Thoughts:

I was surprised that I did not see a lot of write-ups about Karadium products when I checked it out in the internet because this product is really worth knowing. :) It costs less than 500 pesos but its performance is up to par with some high-end lipsticks that I know of. I really love this lippie and I’ll probably buy more of this in different shades in the future. :) This is soo perfect for me because I have dry lips. We’re a match made in heaven! <3 You may purchase this lippie here!




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