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Revlon Photoready Cream Blush


For some reason, I don’t own a lot of cream blushes. I’ve been wanting to buy the cream blush from MUF but I had a hard time using it when I swatched it because I didn’t know that you need a really small amount of product to make the product work. I’ll probably give it another try and purchase it some time! I was in the states when I purchased this Revlon cream blush influshed rougissant 200 and the bright pink color just caught my eye. I wasn’t able to hear a lot of reviews about this and bought it out of a whim.

What I Love:

There’s a decent amount of product in the pot and you need only a few product to get a nice color pay-off. The packaging seems sturdy and not prone to breakage. The blush gave me a nice natural flush and it reminded me of the flush that I normally get from cheek tints. The colors isn’t as scary as it look from the pot because the color from the pot gets toned down after application.

What I don’t like:

The packaging isn’t very sanitary because it come in a pot. Also, the formula of the blush isn’t as creamy as I would want it to be. The fact that the shade gets toned down after application could also be a bit of a downside for me because the pigmentation and color pay-off could use more intensity.

On Me:

*sorry for the million selfies heheeh

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

  • you may use your fingers or a stipling brush to apply this on the temples of your cheeks
  • be sure to blend carefully
  • this could work both for women with fair skin and women who are tan

Overall, this blush isn’t a total waste of money. I really like how it shows up on my skin but it can work on some improvements such as it’s formulation and pigmentation. I’d still use it everyday though because it gives me really nice rosy cheeks. :)




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