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The Sembreak That Was


Hello everyone!

I’d just like to share some photos that I’ve accumulated in my camera over the break! This was one of the most memorable semestral breaks I’ve had! I met new people, caught up with friends, worked on my bag biz, bonded with friends from my org and shot a gun for the first time!!!!! :)

Here’s my sembreak in photos…

I was a facilitator in my org’s team building and one of the highlights of my break was being able to facilitate the team, Ninjajma Turtles, that won 2nd place overall! My co-facilitator and I got awarded the “stage-parents award” too! *kilig*

My breaks aren’t  complete without a visit to Taft to visit my high school friends! We never called each other best friends but I feel like we don’t need that label anymore because they’re all likes sisters I never had! I wouldn’t have gotten through high school and the first few years of college without these girls!!! <3 Three of the people in my group go to La Salle so my other friend and I usually get forced to go to La Salle! :)

Can you see how happy and kilig I am to see my girlies?! :)

Mini outfit post: Top from Hong Kong, skirt from F21, shoes from Payless, bracelets from Mia Casa, Watch from Michael Kors, Necklace from Robinsons Department Store.

My travel buddy!

My handsome lil brother all dressed up for a school dance! He finally cut his hair cuz i told him he looked like some guy from eraserheads! ha ha ha. Every time he goes to a school dance, my girlfriends and I have dinner somewhere near the location of the dance because 3 of the people in the group have siblings from the same batch! :)

Me wearing one of my favorite bags from Curated Manila, the Rowling Satchel in leopard and studs! Dress from f21, shoes from payless, watch from Casio.

Had dinner at cafe Juanita then Mad Marks for dessert!

I forgot the flavor but it contains candied pecans! YUMMMM. <3 I like artisan ice creams/gelatos. heehee.

my sunny sunshine, teddy bear, driver, cheerleader, and friend, Nikki. <3

My future accountant/economics expert friend, jemmy! <3

 That was my sembreak in photos!  I didn’t add photos from my Baguio trip because I’ll be doing another post for that. ;) My sem break was nothing short of amazing and it’s something I’ll definitely not forget! <3

Love and lipstick,

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