Marilyn Monroe Collection Review: Legendary Powder Blush


Hi everyone!

I’m back with the part two of my review on the two items that I purchased from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection! I talked about my whole experience in purchasing the two items here. Part one of my review where I talked about the limited edition lipstick can be found here.

The collection featured 2 powder blushes: Legendary ( a peachy blush with a satin finish) and Natural Pink Beige (a pink shade with a matte finish). I felt iffy with a matte finish blush so I went for Legendary. Don’t you think the name Legendary is more catchy than natural pink beige? :)


What I Love:

  • the limited edition packaging (SUPER PRETTY!!!)
  • the peachy shade with a super subtle gold sheen
  • gives off a very naturally flushed finish
  • does not look frosty when applied
  • shade is a bit light (you can build up the color though!)
  • lasted all day on me

What I don’t like:

  • the plastic packaging is prone to fingerprints
  • not as pigmented as I want it to be
  • slightly chalky
  • a downside for some: these cost a bit more than the regular powder blushes (it didn’t matter AS MUCH to me though since I still purchased it. haha)
The color’s very subtle on me. :)
Me with the breakout of all time!!!
Overall Recommendations
I really like this blush and it’s something that I can use everyday. For those who have a lot of blushes already or for those who prefer to save, I would not recommend them to purchase this. Although I do not regret buying this product, I do not find anything special with the blush shade-wise. Of course for the die hard MAC fans or Marilyn fans, or for those who like collecting makeup like me, this isn’t a bad buy. The only thing that would make this appealing to people is probably the packaging and the prestige of it being a limited edition product. Overall, it’s not a total let down and I’m still glad I bought it. Of the two products I got from the collection, I like my Marilyn Monroe lippie more! <3
Available in MAC counters. Try going to the SM MOA branch because they were the last branch to launch and chances are that they still have stocks.
did you purchase anything form the collection? :)


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  • Reply Toni

    Great review, Max!! :)

    Hope you do one on the Holiday collection, too!

    11/09/2012 at 11:23 AM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      Hi Toni!

      thank you! Yes, I will do one on the collection. Wait for it! :)


      11/11/2012 at 12:16 PM

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