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On the Go With Tokyo Tokyo’s Makirrito


What I love the most about our country’s culinary scene is its swiftness in adapting food trends from abroad. From cronuts, to pokes, to acai bowls, to outrageous milkshakes that have sweeped the digital world by storm, we HAVE it all. Although it’s still always nice to innovate and make our own dishes, it’s also nice to be able to have our chance to try the latest food trends that have been shaking countries around the world.

One dish that I always see on Instagram and that I’ve always been curious to try it is the sushi burrito. Quick to adapt to trends and peoples’ on-the-go lifestyles, Tokyo Tokyo came up with its own take with their MAKIRRITO, which is a combination of a MAKI and a BURRITO.


Makirrito is basically meat, rice, vegetables and seasonings wrapped in nori or Japanese seaweed. It blends the premium flavors of maki and the heftiness of burrito.


This new offering features two of Tokyo Tokyo’s favorites, chicken karaage and crabstick tempura, and is available in two variants—Samurai Karaage and California Kani Tempura.


The Samurai Karaage Makirrito is a roll of sushi rice stuffed with Japanese fried chicken and strips of carrots and cabbage, and drizzled with special Japanese sauce and mayonnaise.


The California Tempura Makirrito, on the other hand, is a serving of tempura crabsticks, ripe mangoes, shredded cabbage and sliced carrots also drizzled with special Japanese sauce and mayonnaise wrapped in sushi rice and nori.


A serving of both variants is affordably priced at P 100 and an order of each can be shared if desired.

If you are looking for new on-the-go food with familiar yet exciting flavors, these Makirrito variants are definitely worth the calories and your money.


I am obsessed with the newest Makirrito from Tokyo Tokyo! I have to warn you though, these makirritos are suuuper filling and of course, delicious! Each maki roll is as good as one full meal. Over the two flavors, of course my pick would be the Samurai Karaage because it contains my favorite chicken karaage from Tokyo Tokyo. :)

Have you tried it already? What’s your pick? Samurai Karaage or California Kani Tempura? :) Let me know! <3

Head on to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo and indulge in Samurai Karaage and California Kani Tempura Makirrito. Share your experience by tagging @tokyotokyophilippines on Instagram and Facebook and @TokyoTokyoPHL on Twitter.


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