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Review: Art Deco Glam Couture Eyeshadow


During the last time I went shopping at Beauty Bar, I purchased an eyeshadow from a relatively new brand: Art Deco. I was drawn to their GORGEOUS eyeshadows because of the beautiful engravings that they had! I found out that they were on sale too! The eyeshadows were priced at 562.50php from php750! I just couldn’t resist and I gave in. I decided to purchase the Art DEco Glam Couture Eyeshadow Art No. 18 Glam Precious Rose. There were 6 other colors, if I’m not mistaken.

What I Love

The eyeshadow is enclosed in a black plastic casing and it reminds me a lot of the packaging of MAC eyeshadows. Like its name, the shade is a gorgeous rosey champagne color. The engraved design on the eyeshadow is so intricate and pretty; it reminds me of how sea shells look like! The engraving reminds me of the engraved designs on MAC’s 2013 holiday collection as well, actually. The eyeshadows is laced with tiny shimmers (not the horrible chunky kind of glitter) and swatches beautifully. It’s very pigmented, feels like butter on my fingertips and transfers beautifully onto my lids!  It lasted around 8 hours on my lids on top of a primer, give or take.

What I don’t like

The eyeshadow may be a bit too soft. The small damage that you can see on the eyeshadow was caused by my finger nail. After his mini accident, I’ve made a mental note to myself to be extra careful not to drop this baby.

Final Thoughts

This is such a gorgeous shade and I’m actually considering to purchase the other shades! I love how the shadow feels so luxurious on my fingertips and is such a dream to apply! It’s considerably cheaper than other high end brands yet it matches the performance of my high end eyeshadows. It’s something that I would use as an overall color on my lids or something that I’d use to highlight the tear ducts on my eyes. I love it!



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    Wow the engraving looks so beautiful! Definitely reminds me of a seashell and the colour is gorgeous.

    Also thanks for visiting my blog! Love your blog – following you via Bloglovin! I’m having a giveaway on my blog and hope you would like to join! :)

    Louise | Vanity Corner
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