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Rave Review: Lulu Nails and Dry Bar

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All my close friends know how I’m really passionate about nails salons. I used to try to attempt to apply polish myself but I’ve long since given that up because I can’t seem to apply the darn polish using my left hand onto my right fingernails. I thank the heavens for the nails salons for those who can’t apply nail polish on themselves like me. Ever since, I’ve visited a bunch of nails salons all over the metro and so far, I’ve only truly went back to 1.

However, I recently discovered a relatively new nail salon and it has become a fast favorite of mine. This roughly 1-year-old salon is called Lulu Nails and Dry Bar and oh my goodness, I can honestly say that I’ve found my very own secret haven in Manila.

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The place is very new, clean, and spacious and it also has a lot of natural light which I really really love. The interiors are a mix of white, black, and pops of color. Customers are also treated to their very own lazy boy, A-plus for comfort! My favorite spot has to be the spot facing the window where the view of Ortigas showcased in all its busy glory. It’s not as beautiful as the Makati skyline or anything, but I love it anyway. They also serve drinks and have chick flicks available for viewing.

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Their service menu covers all the basic services like other standard nail salons but what really stood out to me was their unique hand and foot spa offerings. Some of their unique flavors include chocolate and wine flavored products for the hand and foot spa treatments. On my firs visit, I tried out the For the love of Chocolates Luxury Spa. The products really smelled like chocolates and left my feet smelling delish! On my second visit, I tried their Illuminating Spa for the feet with their Lulu deluxe Manicure and Pedicure (nail shaping, soak, cuticle care, massage, moisturize, hydrating mist, buff, polish). Haha who knew that a simple manicure and pedicure had so much stuff going on? The Illuminating Spa includes a soak, callous treatment, foot scrub, foot mask, cleanser (to rinse of the mask), oil, foot butter, and is finished off with an antibacterial mist.

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All the tools they use are sterilized for each customer, how fab!

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Illuminating Spa

I had two lovely nail technicians working with me. They were both very polite and friendly, even.  I was able to chit-chat with them a bit but I like how they knew when it was appropriate to stop and let me have a nap haha. They were very knowledgeable about the procedure, they had very light hands and I really felt like I was in good hands. So much so that I was able to doze away without worrying about any mishaps happening to me.

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look ma, I’m really studying!

Finally, they have a huge selection of nail polish shades and brands to choose from. To be honest, what really made me want to go back to their salon was because of their Seche Vite nail polish. It’s an American brand and its super special feature in my opinion is that it has quick-drying properties. I hate it when my perfect nails still get ruined the next day because apparently its possible that the nail polish isn’t completely dry yet, underneath the top coat. Seche Vite dries so quickly, immediately leaves a GORGEOUS finish and is almost complete indestructible for a good 2 weeks. A lot of friends complimented me on my nails and asked me if I was using gel polish because it really looked utterly stunning! I just hope they buy more nude shades for the Seche Vite brands (I hope this post reaches the owner, haha).

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You can use any of these polishes except for their designer polishes without any additional charges! I absolutely look down on nails salons who charge more for polishes like OPI, Essie, Misha, etc because other salons include these premium polishes into their service fee, so they should be able to do it too! haha

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The prices of their services are definitely higher than most nail salons I know but everything about the salon from the interiors, services, polish selection makes the price so worth it TALAGA. I can’t stop raving about this salon to my friends and I hope you feel my passion for the place through what I’m saying here. This nail salon is the ultimate place to be if you want quick access absolute luxury and if you just want to have a flawless time. I really really enjoyed my pampering time in this salon and I hope they keep up their momentum when it comes to their quality of services. For now, I’m dropping my slightly more affordable nail spa favorite and I officially declare Lulu nails as my ultimate favorite nail salon in Manila. I spent around P1100 for a foot spa, mani and pedi!

They have an ongoing promo right now, so you can find their contact info on their FB page for more details!

















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    Bonggey! We are the opposites, I haven’t gone to nail salons. I do my nails my entire life. Anyway, glad you like Lulu’s services. For some reason, i love the name Lulu!!!

    07/30/2014 at 1:41 AM
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