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Playing On Train Tracks + Arashiyama with Shoot My Travel

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As promised, here’s part two of my blog feature on  Shoot My Travel

“What in the world is Shoot My Travel?” you might ask.

Well, Shoot My Travel is a company that allows you to “pack a photographer” to bring with you to over 100 destinations from all over the world. Have you ever wanted to have a bagel on the famous Met steps with your girlfriends, or discover Bali’s many pristine waters and beacher, or perhaps, bike through the famous streets if Amsterdam? You can now preserve each of your precious travel memories by having an SMT affiliate photographer document your entire experience! From Asia, to Europe, to Africa, Oceania, USA and Canada, Shoot My Travel’s got you covered.

I experienced this utterly surreal experience myself during my last trip to Japan! To read about part one of my experience, you may visit my post here.

Our second shoot location for the day was in Arashiyama. It was my second time visiting that beautiful bamboo grove, but it still took my breathe away like it was the first time. There’s just something about that place that gives my heart peace. I’m going to stop babbling now and let the photos do the talking. ;)20160320-KNT_4224 copy

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where to next? :)

Ahhh, I never thought I’d ever be able to have a photo of myself taken on train tracks! This day was definitely one for the books. By the way, if you’re worried about our safety, the train usually would ring a bell to signal its arrival and when that happened, we made sure to stay off the tracks. If you’re still not satisfied with this safety precaution, well, there’s nothing wrong with living life of the edge!

Kenta is an amazing photographer. I am still in awe as I scroll through these beautiful photos. It was so refreshing being able to meet someone as talented as him who upheld Japanese standards when it comes to executing his services. We also learned a lot from him about Japanese culture and more. Coming from someone who’s experienced a Shoot My Travel experience, I have to say, it’s not just about “packing a photographer” with you. It’s so much more than that. Yes, you get stunning photos out of a session. But what made our experience more meaningful was  our interaction with a local, who’s age is not far from mine. We had a lot of things in common and it was just such a refreshing experience exchanging cultural ideas and customs even for a short while.

Some people say that it’s more important to experience moments than to worry about taking a nice photo. Well, I have to beg to differ. It’s very easy to forget moments and even faces of people we love. And for me, the best way to relive moments is through photographs.

Shoot My Travel has truly taken travelling to a whole new level and I can’t wait to have ore experiences with them in the future.

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