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Castel Sant’Angelo with Shoot My Travel


Earlier this year, I read about an article that said that you can now “pack a photographer with you to your trips”. At that time, it seemed sooo ridiculous but funny because it was EXACTLY something I would spend for. hahaha! I had my first “pack a photographer” experience in Japan, and recently, in Rome! It’s become my favorite thing to do on trips, I can no longer imagine having a trip without an SMT experience!

How Does it Work?

It’s so easy. First you head to their website, click your travel destination, fill out the form, and wait for a confirmation. Soon, you will be able to get in contact with your chosen photohrapher and from there, you decide on a photoshoot route. It’s amazing because they have over 100+ destinations with super talented SMT photographers.

Shoot Preparation

On my recent trip to Italy, I decided to pick Rome as the city for my photoshoot just because it’s such a huge city and there are so many places and things to see! I got in contact with my photgrapher, Dmitri over email. I loved corresponding with him because he was very interactive when it came to picking out a trip route. I sent him my travel itinerary and he then gave me THREE trip options with comments for each. It was very helpful and I really appreciated the effort because I was about to have a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot in the city of my dreams. I’m dividing this blog experience into two posts, the first one focusing on our first location: Castel Sant’Angelo.

I asked Dmitri if I should prepare two outfits just in case we had enough time to shoot both of them. Dmitri was such a sport and told me to go for it! I did my own hair and makeup and I tried to pick out outfits that were comfortable to move around in but of course, they also had to be stylish. ;)


Why Castel Sant’Angelo? Because Dmitri said it had one of his favorite views of Rome. I’m a sucker for views so I decided to trust Dmitri and go for his suggestion. To give you a short background, Castel Sant’Angelo was built as a Mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian, then it turned into a Papal Fortress. Today, it serves as a museum and houses paintings, sculptures, military memorabilia and medieval firearms.

Enough talking for now! I’ll go ahead and let the photos work their magic.



Truly, the castle has one of best views of Rome. That’s it for now, guys! Stay tuned for the second set of photos. ;)




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