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W Lab 3D Highlighter and Shade Stick

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I’m a firm believer in contouring and highlighting. It’s easily one of the steps I do on my face that I look forward to doing when putting on my makeup! It’s one of the greatest makeup tricks ever and I honestly can’t imagine not doing it even 10 years from now. Because by then, I’m guessing I’ll be 10 pounds heavier and a quick contour and highlight on the face can instantly shed off 5 pounds.

I have a ton of bronzers and highlighters in all shapes and forms. But it’s actually my first time to try any of the kind from a Korean brand. Come to think of it, Koreans aren’t really big on Instagram-style contouring. They usually prefer a more cutesy and fresh makeup look.

So, one of my purchases from Althea.kr was the W lab’s 3D Highlighter Stick and Shade Stick which cost me P1100 for both. I think they cost P600 if you buy them individually.



Both products come only in one shade and are housed in a plastic tube. Since both products are identically packaged, the adorable illustration in front of each tube helps me easily identify which is which.thumb_DSCF3443_1024thumb_DSCF3469_1024

Consistency, Formula, Pigmentation

W Lab 3D Face Shade Stick


The product applies very smoothly onto the cheeks and blends out very well with a dense brush. The medium brown shade is also perfect for my skin tone and doesn’t look orangey when applied. I love how easy it is to use, I find myself reaching for this almost every day now!

One thing I noticed though is that it’s very subtle. I had to swipe it on a couple of times more that I normally would for it to register on camera. I think it says a lot about Korean cosmetic companies who really based all their products on their Korean consumers.

Since it’s a cream based product, it doesn’t set as a matte product and may emphasize any imperfections on the face. So that’s one thing to consider when buying this product.

W Lab 3D Face Highlighter Stick


Like the shade stick, the highlighter stick also applies on very smoothly. It’s a cool toned highlight and has fine micro shimmer. When applied and blended out, it gives the skin a very dewy look. I love!!!



Staying power of both products is quite decent. It stayed on for about 4 hours without fading considering that I didn’t set both products with any powder. For those who have oily skin, it would be best to set the products with powder.


I’m soooo impressed with these two products from W Lab. The contour stick honestly remind me of my NARS Cap Vert Multiple stick. The quality of these two products is off the charts and I recommend it to people who are looking for an affordable yet outstanding highlighter and contour.

Some things to consider though are the fact that these both products aren’t matte finish and that they come in one shade only.


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