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Review and Swatches: Colourpop Liquid Lipstics (Avenue, Mars, Bumble, Ouiji)


Like I said in one of my previous posts, I’m a matte formula convert. And I have to say really, it was influenced by what I’ve been seeing online. I’m normally not the type to give in to trends but there’s something about seeing myself wear matte lips that made me fall in love with the finish. I normally always have something shimmery on my face; be it my blush, highlighter, or eyeshadow and a matte lip just polishes an entire look for me.

I have to admit, seeing those mesmerizing videos of women expertly applying the cult favorite colourpop lipsticks made me decide to purchase a few for myself. Ahhh, the power of good visuals, eh? So on my first ever Colourpop haul, I included 4 shades of matte liquid lippies: Avenue, Mars, Bumble and Ouiji.





Compared to the equally famous Colourpop lippie stix, I was so much more impressed by the packaging of these Colourpop matte liquid lipsticks. They’re beautifully packages in fairly sturdy tubes and each come with a doe foot wand. The matte liquid lipsticks also come in a variety of shades which makes it hard for a Colourpop noob to decide which shades to buy. I do appreciate that their site features swatches for each of their products on three different skin tones to make online shopping easier. It’s really quite genius.


from right: Avenue, Mars, Bumble, Ouiju

Formula and Pigmentation

As expected, the pigmentation of all four shades is astounding. I normally just dip the wand into the tube once to swipe my lips with the product because it’s easy to overdo the application.


when first applied, from left: Avenue, Mars, Bumble, Ouiju


once partially dried, from left: Avenue, Mars, Bumble, Ouiju

This is my first time to experience a matte liquid lippie lipstick with a formulation that starts out as very liquidy but then easily dries out to a completely matte finish. I actually love it. I love it so much that I’ve used it as a standard for other liquid lippies. Recently, a very famous high-end brand released a matte liquid lippie line which got everyone excited. I honestly was excited for it as well. But when I tested it out, it didn’t really dry to a complete matte finish which lead me to decide to skip on it.


Avenue is a deep burgundy red with a cool undertone. It’s really gorgeous but I had the most difficulty applying this because unlike the other shades, the formula is a little bit thicker which made it a tad bit harder to apply. It’s also quite difficult to clean up mistakes since the product dries out so quickly! I just need more practice on application but I really like this shade.





Mars is a bright red-fuschia shade with a warm undertone. It’s a very fun shade and definitely adds a pop of color to any look.





Bumble is a muted brownish rose shade with a warm undertone. This is my absolute fave shade of the bunch and I wear it almost everyday. It’s also the easiest to apply.





Ouiji is a bright coral pink shade. I was drawn to this shade when i first spotted it on the site because I don’t come across shades like this very often. It does apply beautifully but I kind of struggle with wearing it outside the house because I’m currently on a MLBB/less-intense-version-of-Kylie-Jenner’s signature-lip-color phase. But this shade is so perfect for summer. I might just wear it out soon!DSCF1155




Staying Power

The staying power of all the shades are craaay. They stay on all day and CAN SURVIVE MEALS!!! Well, bumble is the “weakest” when it comes to staying power but it doesn’t fall far behind it’s highly pigmented sisters.


  1. Of course, the trade off for this amazing formula is that they’re incredibly drying, difficult to remove, and may cause lips to peel. I know this might sound like it defeats the purpose of a matte lip but i always apply a layer of chapstick before applying this. It makes application so much easier and the product still manages to completely mattify my lips while sealing in the moisture from the chapstick. It’s not going to be ultra moist, but the moisture is adequate enough for my dry lips.
  2. Use a sponge with a precise edge and a bit of foundation or concealer to clean up your mistakes. This doesn’t always work though, because it can’t completely cover major mistakes.
  3. To remove with ease, use an oil based makeup remover. I use my Lancome Bifacil and I tell you, removing this stubborn product will be like a dream.

Overall, I love these liquid lippies and use them as a standard for buying other lippies. That’s how much i love it!

That’s it for now! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. :)


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