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Luck in a Bottle: Anna Sui Lucky Wish


I’ve always been fascinated by fairies. I remember every lunch time when I was in grade school, I would head to the school library and read books until my lunch break ended. As I browsed through the library collections, I would always find myself drawn to books that had stories about these tiny, beautiful, creatures.


Now, I’m a full grown woman but I still have a soft spot of Fairies. They remind me that once in a while, “magic” can and will happen in my life. So, when I found out that Anna Sui’s newest scent is inspired by fairies and the luck that they bring, I was beyond excited. LUCKY WISH by SECRET WISH combines light uplifting notes with a gentle zest to capture the essence of a Good Luck Charm! Anna Sui’s new Lucky Wish takes the magic of the fairy kingdom into a new dimension.  More ethereal and dreamy than Secret Wish, Lucky Wish is infused with a transforming power that makes things happen. All it takes is a little bit of Good Luck and an empowering spritz of Anna Sui’s new fragrance, then….. “POOF!!! Now luck will follow you everywhere. Like fairies above your head, sprinkling magic dust leading you on your way to a successful and happy day.


Lucky Wish symbolizes a magical optimism in the power of wishing for all you hope for, all your dreams. An enchanting woodland fairy perched atop the fragrance bottle beckons you to reveal your innermost desires and let the magic happen. Wishing will make it so, as you splash on this shimmery, feminine scent



“Lucky Wish” is a floral, citrus, woody fragrance that sparkles with pure joy, love and a touch of good-luck. It opens with a melodic dance of frozen lemon, tangerine and lively pomelo adding a zesty vivacity that carries through the heart of the fragrance. Gorgeous, petally freesia and fresh cut bamboo create a soft, floral and subtly fruity essence in the mid notes. As the magical journey continues, we discover notes of creamy sandalwood and delicate musk, leaving a gorgeous, comforting and last impression.

In lay man’s terms, I find the scent to be super refreshing and the top three things I would say dominate the scent are its floral, citrus, and pomelo notes. I’m not a fan of musk (i hate musk), so I was nervous when I read that the scent had musky notes. Thankfully, I can hardly detect the musky note in the scent. :)


Lucky Wish represents a magical new dimension of wishes, dreams and good luck in the world of Anna Sui Fragrances. With every spritz of this lovely scent in the morning, I can;t help but feel that luck is going to come my way. :)

Anna Sui Lucky Wish is available in 75ml (Php4,250) and 30ml (Php2,650) Eau de Toilette bottles. Anna Sui fragrances are exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and available in leading department stores nationwide.



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