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More Healthy Options with Tokyo Tokyo’s Seafood Festival


Josh and I have currently been trying our best to watch our weight by watching what we eat. He’s doing some modelling on the side. While I’m just really trying to lose weight because all my eating out has been taking a toll on my health and physical appearance. My dad has threatened to ban me from attending events, food tastings, AND travels if I don’t get my stuff together. EEP! Eating yummy healthy food isn’t always easy, and is definitely not cheap. So when Tokyo Tokyo Philippines announced the launch of their Seafood Festival, we decided to try it out. The Tokyo Tokyo Seafood Festival features two new dishes: Grilled Salmon Teriyaki and Seafood Ramen.



I had the grilled salmon teriyaki bento which comes with miso soup and unlimited Japanese rice. Although the Japanese rice looked tempting as hell, I only took a bite of the fluffy white Japanese steamed rice. I’ll come back for you one day, Japanese rice!! Once I’ve shed off an inch or two..



The tender piece of grilled salmon went well with Tokyo Tokyo’s signature teriyaki sauce. I wanted to ask for more! Josh had the Seafood Ramen. I know, it’s still carbs but it was a lovely compromise between sinful and healthy. The Seafood ramen, made with seafood broth is topped with a perfectly fried prawn tempura, crabsticks, slices of tofu, ground pork, shredded cabbage, onion leeks, nori and egg. DSCF0796


Overall, Josh and I had a lovely, quick, affordable, delicous and filling meal at Tokyo Toyko Ph. Trying Tokyo Tokyo’s newest offerings gave us a lot of nostalgic moments from high school, where we would eat their famous chicken teriyaki and karaage with our barkadas after school. Don’t you just love how food brings back many fond memories? I know, I do!


The Grilled Salmon Teriyaki can be enjoyed for as low as PhP 139 for 1 pc. and PhP 209 for 2pcs., while Seafood Ramen is priced at PhP 140 for Snack size and PhP 190 for Regular size.

Thank you to Sherose Ontimare for taking our couple photos. Food photos taken by me. :)


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