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Review: Sonia Kashuk Arch Alert Brow Kit – 12

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As you all know, I’m really into brow products because BOTH of my parents virtually have non-existent brows and thus my brows are barely visible as well. I think this is one of the biggest nightmares a girl (who’s into makeup and stuff) can ever have. But I thank God every day for allowing humans to discover how to create brow products. I’m always on the search for awesomazing brow products which is why I got so excited when I discovered the Sonia Kashuk Arch Alert Brow Kit. I repurchased this a while back because I loved it so much but my first palette did not run out until recently because I’ve been using a ton of different brow products as well. When I checked online, I found out that they have since repackaged it but I’m assuming that mine is still similar to the new version because the shades still look very similar based on the photos I saw online.



Consistency, Shade and Longevity 

The website describes the product to be a cream product but I honestly find it more waxy than creamy. I think that it having a waxy consistency is better than it being too creamy because it might not last as long as it does if it were too creamy. The product is easy to apply when using an angled brush (I use my angled brush from Charm Cosmetics or my angled brush from Sigma). A TINY amount is needed to fill in (or in my case, DRAW IN huhu) the brows. The waxy texture is also helpful when it comes to taming a few unruly brows.


This palette comes in four beautiful shades: brunette, red, light brown, and blonde. I used the upper right shade and the upper left shade for my brows and I think that the shade options of the palette overall is perfect for my coloed hair. I usually stay within similar shade ranges for my hair so I think that this palette won’t be put to waste for me at all. I love how the palette is so versatile in allowing people to mix and match shades to create the shade that would suit them. My only problem with the shade selection is that people with dark hair might not be able to use this because I reckon that even the darkest shade might be too light for them.


swatched clockwise from left


This lasted around 6 hours on me and it’s not waterproof. I really wish it lasted longer because this could very well be one of my favorite brow products yet!


Final Thoughts

I’m already on my second palette which just shows how much I adore this little palette. I highly recommend this to people with colored hair (it’s a bit more difficult to find brow products for people with colored hair in the Philippines). However, those who have black hair or really dark hair may skip on this. :)








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  • Reply Meg

    Nice! Sakto sa color ng hair mo yung shades. :) This might not suit my hair color. I have colored hair too kaya lang baka this is still too light. Hehe.

    06/06/2014 at 12:32 PM
  • Reply Rae

    Will check out SK’s other shades for this, baka meron

    10/14/2014 at 8:58 PM
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