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Review: Fuwarie Styling Mist


I’ve never been the type of girl to do a lot of things with my hair. I don’t really know how to curl my hair using a curling iron so I just flat iron my hair. I flat iron my hair a lot which is why I was so happy when I read about the Fuwarie Styling Mist in various beauty blogs all over the web. I was in Hong Kong when my eyes laid on the actual product. I found out that it was cheaper (around php350) than the ones being sold here for around php450. I don’t curl my hair so I only bought the mist for straightening the hair and the mist for helping the hair curve inwards.


It’s supposed to set the hair and keep it straight. It has amino acid which is supposed to repair the hair cuticles to produce shinier hair. IT protects hair from UV rays and has a fruity scent.

What I Like:

  • it comes in a cute spray bottle
  • a nice amount of product comes out from the nozzle
  • the scent of the product is not bad; it does not bother my nose at all
  • the product does not feel tacky ir heavy after I ironed my hair
  • my iron did not “sizzle” when I used it on my hair after I sprayed the product (this makes me feel like my hair is protected haha)
  • made my hair straighter than usual
  • made my hair shiny

What I don’t like: 

  • none really. :)
my hair with nothing on it
inward curl mist on the left, straightening mist on the right 
Final Thoughts

I really like this styling mist. I don’t think there’s much of a difference in the results that were produced by the straightening mist and the inward curl mist though. If you like to straighten your hair, you’re good with either of these. They sold cheaper in HK but PHP450 from the Beauty BAr is a good deal as well if you aren’t going to HK anytime soon. :)





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  • Reply Ana

    Hi! may I know where in Hongkong did you buy Fuwarie hair styling mist products? hihi. ♥

    Thanks! :)

    01/22/2015 at 6:28 PM
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