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Review: Fairy Drops Mascara Film Type


I think the first time I’ve ever heard about the fairydrops mascara was when I was watching one of Jen’s (From Head to Toe) favorites videos. I was contented with my drug store mascaras then and I found the mascara too expensive to lust over. Fast forward to the time when I was oggling at all the cosmetics in front of me in Sasa (a drugstore in Hong Kong), I found out that a few of the Fairy drops mascaras were on sale! Being the sale freak that I was, I immediately purchased two Fairy Drops Mascaras just to find out for myself what the frenzy about these mascaras are about!

The first mascara I’ll be reviewing is the Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara T2 (Film Type) which replaced the first film type mascara (silver tube) they used to sell.


The new Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara T2 (Film Type) promises the following:

  • 2 times the special ingredients for eyebrow treatments it contains (collagen, squalene oil, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol
  • lengthening power
  • volumizing power
  • curling power
  • easy to remove; water resistant but can be washed with soap and water (which explains why it’s called film type)
  • platinum black color

The Product

I really fell in love with its glamorous packaging. The color and the design is really too cute for words! The mascara wand is seriously the most unique wand I’ve ever had in my collection. In theory, the unique shape of the wand is supposed to be able to catch all of one’s lashes. It does catch all my lashes and coats them adequately with the product. I like the idea of various elements present in this mascara to treat my lashes. I like how the mascara formula isn’t too thick to clump my lashes and it dries up quickly after application.



However, my biggest issue with this mascara is that it doesn’t hold the curl of my lashes very well. I am Asian and have thin, short, and straight lashes. My lashes really need all the extra push it can get but sadly, this mascara didn’t do much pushing to my lashes. The most that it was able to do to my lashes was to volumize it a bit. I normally would not spend even Php600-700 for a mascara so I was really desperately trying to make this work for me. Out of sheer desperation, I curled my lashes after they have been coated with the mascara and dried even if I know I shouldn’t be doing that. I discovered that it actually does lengthen volumize the lashes but since it doesn’t hold a curl well, my lashes fall back to their straight position and I don’t get the see the volumized effect. 

Given it’s expensive price tag which is around Php1200 here in the Philippines (I think I bought it at around Php 600-700 in Hong Kong), I was really disappointed with the fact that it can’ hold the curl of my lashes. I think having to curl my lashes after the mascara has been applied defeats the very purpose of the mascara. I guess I’m too prideful like that, teehee. I know that this mascara is frequently called  the HG mascara for a lot of people so I’m sure that it does work wonders for others. I’m sad to say that it’s just not for me.


Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara T2 (Film Type) applied on lashes on my right eye


Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara T2 (Film Type) applied on lashes on my right eye

 Anyway, I still have another tube of Fairy Drops mascara to try out and I’m really hoping for the best on the other one! Wish me luck? Yes, I need the luck because I hate flushing money down the drain and I hate being let down by the hyped products I decided to try out!

What do you guys think about Fairy Drops Mascaras? Are they worth the price tag AND the hype? What’s your favorite version? Let me know! :)


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  • Reply Marina

    I´m sorry to hear that it didn´t work for you, finding a good mascara is hard!!


    03/05/2014 at 12:07 PM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      I know, it is hard! :(

      03/05/2014 at 12:12 PM
  • Reply Meg

    I have the one with the pink/purple packaging. I think ok naman siya. lengthening naman, I think. I have short and thin lashes din e. I have yet to find my HG mascara that can volumize and lengthen.

    03/05/2014 at 12:09 PM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      exactly! I just expected more from it because of it’s popularity and of course, the price tag. :(

      03/05/2014 at 12:13 PM
      • Reply Meg

        oo nga. feel ko we can get better value sa drugstore mascaras like revlon and maybelline. para pag di ok, di siya mashado masakit sa bulsa. :P

        03/10/2014 at 3:34 PM
  • Reply Jaa

    I have the same experience! It definitely volumizes but it doesn’t do much in holding curls. I also feel like it weighs down my lashes if I put more than 1 coat on. So for the price I’m really sad. LOL.

    I have the silver packaging version, though. Not sure if the gold one would make any difference. I’m so tempted to give it another try!

    03/06/2014 at 9:54 PM
  • Leave a Reply