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A Pamper Session Fit For A Goddess


If there was one thing that I’m guilty on spending too much money it, it would be food, makeup, and nail pampering services. Longtime followers of this blog would know that I’m a huge mani-pedi junkie. I’ve been having my nails done at least twice a month ever since I was in grade school (i know, I started very young), and that was AFTER the phase when I’d beg my yaya to clean my nails. Because of this, I’ve scoured the Metro for my favorite nail spas. Oftentimes, I nitpick the little details every time I visit a new nail spa.

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of a newly opened luxury nail spa on my Instagram feed. I’ve been dying to try it and luckily, I was invited to try out their services! Kallista, which means most beautiful, is the sister company of one of the most famous nail spa chains in Manila, Posh Nails.

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Upon entering Kallista, I immediately fell in love with its bright, clean, elegant, and posh interiors. If there was a 7-star nail spa, this would be it. Each guest is treated generously to a comfortable lounge chair.


Once seated, I was offered a shawl (this is so important, a lot of nail salons overlook this), sleeping mask (YASS), heatpack (you, are spoiling me, Kallista!), and finally a drink of your choice (water, coffee, tea, juice).

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They also have a tray for you to place your jewelry. What a nice touch!


As my session began, I was greeted Kalimera (good day”) by my nail technician. She then reiterated the services that I was going to try which were Kallista’s Signature Pampering Package and 60-minute foot retreat. 

Kallista’s Signature Package consists of a manicure, pedicure, hand spa, foot spa, and scrub. I love how this package covers all the pampering I need. Two nail technicians worked on me simultaneously which is great because that way, I could maximize my time. Each nail technician slowly but but efficiently got to work. The 60-minute foot massage was the cherry on top! I haven’t had a massage in a while so the massage was definitely much needed.dscf3847 dscf3856

Another one of my requirements when it comes to nails salons is nail polish variety. And Kallista definitely did not disappoint. Among the nail polish brands they carry are the following:  YSL, Dior, D&G, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Butter Orly, OPI, and Cuccio.dscf3872 dscf3815

I’ve recently been obsessed with light / nude shades. These were my choices and I had such a hard time picking out a shade!dscf3875

They also have quick dry spray! This has got to be one of my favorite offerings. Many salons no longer offer this to save up on costs.


Overall, I had a grand time at Kallista. For two hours, I felt like a queen. And I’m very much satisfied with the services I got to try. Surprisingly, the prices are very reasonable too!

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I highly recommend Kallista to every one, because we all deserve to be treated like royalty, once in a while! I just really hope they open a branch in a more central location.  ;) *wink wink, Hi, Kallista.. I hope you’re reading this!*

What are your favorite nail salons?


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