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Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Beauty Booster Light


I’ve never had any experiences using Western BB creams. However, I finally decided to get aboard the Western BB cream ship on a whim while I was panic buying during Guerlain’s 30% off sale a few months ago. I just remembered hearing good things about it and just bit the bullet by purchasing this pricey pearly precious tube of bb cream.


I found it interesting that Guerlain named their BB cream beauty boosters as opposed to how we are used to BB creams being referred as beauty balm or blemish balm.It comes in a pearly cream tube with a pump and a black cover. I really like how it’s packaged because the tube will be able to allow me to use up all its contents.

I wouldn’t want to waste a single drop of this product because it made a pretty huge dent on my wallet. haha! Unfortunately, I lost my receipt but it costs $51 online and roughly P2200 pesos in the Philippines. I got it with a 30% off the tag price though. :) I’ve always wondered about why its names has the wordlingeriein it and apparently, the product is supposed to cling on the skin like lingerie!

What I love

Let me first talk about its texture. The texture is thick and creamy while its coverage is from medium to heavy coverage. I love that it can be used as a moisturizer, sun screen and foundation– just like other bb creams. It protects my face from the harmful rays of the sun by having SPF 30++.  Because the texture is very creamy, I only need less than a pump to be able to cover my face. I’d like to think of it as a foundation because it has enough coverage to conceal my imperfections. It has a whopping 40g worth of product which is a huge plus. It also lasted very long on my skin. I applied it around 10:00 am before school and I got home that same day from the One Republic concert with my face looking fairly nice. It stayed on nicely for a good 10-13 hours! I kept on jumping and dancing around during the concert and I was surprised at how well it clung onto my face.

What I don’t Like

It only comes in two shades, light and medium. This product is really worth my money, in my opinion and its a shame that they don’t offer more shades. It has a floral smell that might bother those who hate scents. I don’t mind scents so much so the scent did not really bother me.

Photos with the product applied on my face

Left: bare face ; Right: with the Guerlain BB Cream on my face

left: applied BB cream on my face at 10am ; right: after 13 hours that same day– 11:00pm

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

I like applying this with a foundation brush to be able to apply a thin even layer on my face. On lazy days, I like to apply it with my fingers! I set it with either my ben nye banana powder or my laura mercier loose translucent powder! :)  The BB cream has pink tones to it which is normal because it is a Western BB cream. It’s a good thing that while Chinese-Filipinos tend to have yellowy skin, I tend to be on the pink toned side which makes the BB cream blend well into my skin.

I’m really glad I bit the bullet with this BB cream! It really is worth the money because I use it as a foundation. The huge amount of product plus the quality just makes this an amazing product. I recommend this to those who are looking for a BB cream that has a high coverage and can work as a foundation. Those who are particular with scented products and who have darker skin tones might not enjoy this as much though.

I’m so happy that this is the first Western BB cream that I’ve ever purchased. I wonder if it’s just beginner’s luck that let me strike gold with this one or maybe I’m just good at buying things on a whim. ;)




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