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Review: OCC Lip Tars


OCC Lip Tars have been around for quite a while now. I had the opportunity to use them during my short stint as a student in MUD and I loved how the pigments of each shade really pop on the lips. After I finished my course, I decided to purchase my first two occ lip tars from Pure Beauty in Serendra. The shades I picked were demure (bright fuschia pink) and hoochie (deep magenta). Demure is a really loud color and is a nice pop of color to a clean face while hoochie isn’t something I’d wear everyday.

right: demure; left: hoochie


The lip tars are unlike any other lip products in the market. They have the intense color pay off from lipsticks and have the glossy quality of lip glosses. The formula is a but runny so make sure to squeeze a TINY amount on a palette of any sort and use a lip brush to apply it on your lips. Forget about applying these directly from the tube unless you want to look like a a 5 year old gone mad with her mommy’s makeup. They also tend to feather so applying a lip liner beforehand would be helpful to avoid feathering.

They used to be contained in horrible packaging which ends imminently in a disastrous colorful mess. Imagine having to apply pigmented and runny liquid from a tube similar to Lancome’s Juicy tubes. *The horror* I know this because I’ve seen pictures of the old packaging online and I just imagined how difficult it must have been for some people to apply it. Good thing they now have a new packaging. They are still contained in tubes but they now have a tiny tip at the end of the tube which allows small amounts of product to come out. Each tube has around 1oml worth of product and costs P715 each at Purebeauty. It costs $18 online (P786) which is weird but nice to know!

What I love

First of all, people against animal testing might find it interesting to know that these are 100% vegan and cruelty free. The shades are incredibly pigmented and pretty much true to their colors inside the tube. The packaging is very efficient because you can easily reach out for the color that you like. You need an incredibly tiny dot of product to coat your lips and the tip is perfect for this. I don’t know how I’ll be able to use these up knowing that I already have a ton of lip products. They have a satin finish which is also nice. Those who love minty flavors on their lip products will enjoy these because they have a hint of mint in them. These also come in a wide array of colors. Makeup artists love using these because OCC offers these in the weirdest yet surprisingly useful colors. They last around 8 hour son my lips, however I find that these stain my lips a bit.

What I don’t like

The formula is a bit runny and applying a tad bit too much will cause it to feather on the corners of the lips. They can be a bit messy which is why I always make sure to wipe off the tip of my lip tars after using them.

OCC Lips Tars on me





Final Thoughts and Recommendations

These have been well loved by makeup enthusiasts and makeup artists alike and now I know why! They are a bit on the pricey side but I do find them to be worth my money. I’m so happy to have these gems in my makeup kit. Demure is something I can wear however I bought hoochie because I found it to be a unique color and thought it would be handy in my future makeup gigs. Purebeauty seems to sell them at a really good price to I would suggest that you purchase your lip tars there.



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  • Reply Lyka G

    Love the purple on you, Max! :) And very few people can pull that shade off! I’ve been seeing OCC more often these days, too. Thinking of getting myself one. Thanks for the insights <3

    12/04/2013 at 12:00 PM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      thank you lyka! <3 <3 you're too sweet!

      02/06/2014 at 5:26 PM

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