Clozette x Matrix Summer Beauty Event

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Just in time for summer, Clozette has partnered with Matrix Philippines for It’s A Rock Chic Summer– a beauty hairstyling event introducing the new game-changing technique in hair colouring by Matrix. And I was one of the lucky few to experience the rockin’ makeover!

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As the leading women social network in Asia delivering up-to- the-minute trends and inspiration in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Clozette treated me and my fellow Clozette Ambassadors to an ultimate hair makeover featuring Matrix’s latest hair strobing technique.DSCF5772 (1)

Following the makeup trend of highlighting and contouring, the hair strobing technique aims to accentuate the facial features by using hair colour to complement not only the skin but also face shape. The technique starts with blending the dye to complement the skin colour and using that as a guide to measure where the light hits the skin most. After that, lighter shades will be added to the hair to illuminate and frame the face.

There are three kinds of strobing techniques: forehead, cheek, and jaw. Forehead for those with bands, cheek for those with long hair (ME!!), and jaw for those who have short hair.

The process includes bleaching the hair in either the bangs area, hair near the cheeks and jaw. All my fellow ambassadors stayed true to the rock-chick theme by going bold with their hair colors and by undergoing the bleaching process. I, on the otherhand, was “rebellious” in my own way by asking Matrix’s hair professional to just lighten my hair using their lightest shade.

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So I went through the cheek strobing process without any bleaching! I just find it very had to maintain bleached hair so I opted for an alternative way of hair strobing! So if you’re like me who doesn’t want to have bleached hair, you CAN still accomplish the strobing technique without the bleach. :)

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Another highlight of the event was about ClozetteINSIDER celebrating the start of their monthly thematic issues. As Clozette’s digital magazine, ClozetteINSIDER is Asia’s style guide to stay updated on what’s trending around the region as inspired by the Clozette Community. The digital magazine covers everything from new launches, fashion and beauty trends, lifestyle inspiration, and coveted fashion runway events around Asia.

As May 2016 marks the digital magazine’s Books/Music/Movie issue, this event partnership with Matrix was the perfect way to close off the month with Rock Chic #hairspiration from Clozette Ambassadors.

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After an amazing day of makeover and hair-evolutionary activities, I felt more than ready to own the season in rock chic fun thanks to Clozette and Matrix Philipppines.

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I’ve gotten so many compliments ever since due to the multi-dimension feature of my current hair color. Beautiful hair is truly a woman’s crowning glory.


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