An Enchating Scent: Jo Malone English Oak + Prices


When you start getting to know people, there’s always one question that comes up: the forest or the sea? And my answer is always the forest. Although the sea is such a beautiful and magical thing on it’s own, there’s just something about forests and hiking that draws me in. Perhaps it’s the tantalizing sound of birds and crickets chirping or the scent of the tress after it has rained, or the calm and stillness of mind it gives me every time I go up into the mountains. Or maybe it’s everything combined.

Jo Malone perfectly captures this enchanting experience with their newest scent: English Oak. It has two variants: English Oak and Redcurrant & English Oak and Hazelnut. Both scents were inspired by the famous Sherwood Forest in the UK where the roasted scent of the English oak and cranberries resonated with master perfumer Yann Vasnier.

Jo Malone English Oak

English Oak and Redcurrant 

This scent is bright, embracing and bewitching. With top notes of redcurrant, heart notes of rose and base notes of roasted oak absolute. IMG_4371

I personally found the scent a bit strong at first spray. But fell in-love with it’s light and fruity scent once it dried down.

English Oak and Hazelnut

English Oak and Hazelnut is  earthy, enchanting and enticing. It has top notes of hazelnet, heart notes of cedarwood and base notes of roasted oak absolute. I find this scent to be a bit more bold and masculine.IMG_4370

*Both available in 100ml (P7,500) and 30ml (P3,750).


Do you ever wonder why Jo Malone has a wide variety of scents? It’s because their scents are designed for layering, which I love because it allows you to create endless possibilities and perhaps even, your own signature scent.


For a lively, citrus and flirty scent – layer English Oak and Hazelnut with Basil and Neroli

For a truly fruity combination – layer English oak & Redcurrant with Blackberry and Bay

Final Thoughts

I always look forward to new releases by Jo Malone because they always come up with the most unique fragrances. They’re quite an investment but for me, it’s really worth it. My first scent is a 30ml basil and neroli and it’s become one of my favorite scents. I’ve used it quite often already but I’ve barely hit half the bottle and the scent stays on ALL DAY.


Of the two scents, I prefer the English Oak and Redcurrant because I find it more feminine. Although both scents are unisex, the English Oak and Hazelnut is a bit more masculine. I actually gave it to my dad as a gift and he loves it!

Jo Malone English Oak is available in the Philippines starting September 2017.


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