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Always a Light Drinker


I haven’t been single for a very long time. It hasn’t even been a year. And I’ve been off the market for almost four years. So going out is kind of still new to me. Even so, I’ve had my fair share of fail pick-up moves. Not that I like being “picked up”. Haha! But the most interesting pick-up move so far would be when a guy I met had a name tag (just like you would wear in children’s parties)! Haha. It wasn’t a successful pick-up move but it definitely made a mark in my memory.

Speaking of going out, I recently got to watch San Mig Light’s newest commercial featuring Tom Rodrigues and Joseph Marco. I laughed out loud when I saw it because it was kinda accurate. I don’t do all of them but I definitely see a lot of girls doing them. Of the 5 signs, I probably do number three the most! To find out more about what I’m talking about, click here.

Of course, my drink of choice when going out is San Mig Light because it really feels light on the tummy. I also don’t like getting hit easily and San Mig Light ensures just that. Since it doesn’t let me get hit too easily, I know that it lets me look good and feel good even after ¬†along night out. It’s also just a hundred calories so there’s no need for me to feel guilty of consuming too much.

What’s your most memorable pick-up line experience? :)



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