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Review: Makeup Forever Aqua Brow #15


We’ve all had our fair share of makeup mishaps. They may range from having the wrong foundation shade, over plucked eyebrows, unflattering contour/blush shades. One of my makeup mishaps would have to be having overdrawn eyebrows. *EEK* Before I unveil a photo of my makeup mishap, I’m going to share some celebrities who have had overdrawn eyebrows. Just to lessen the blow on my awful, overdrawn eyebrows and to prove that makeup mistakes can happen to the most flawless human beings on the planet.

Exhibit 1: Angelina Jolie

59th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Exhibit 2: Katy Perry


Exhibit 3: Demi Lovato

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 10.16.59 PM

Before I unveil my hideous brows, I’d just like to say that this mishap can happen to anyone and at the same time, suits no one. You can be a goddess and look hideous with overdrawn eyebrows. Ok, enough blabber……..

Exhibit 4: Me </3


I would not have shown you guys this photo again unless I have another one to redeem this horrible photo. Enter Makeup Forever Aqua Brow #15, my savior. I think using eyebrow pencils require a very light hand and the utmost care to achieve a natural look. I’m not totally against eyebrow pencils but they have the tendency to produce overdrawn eyebrows when used indelicately. Eyebrow gels on the other hand, Makeup Forever Aqua Brow #15 to be specific has got the be one of the easiest-to-use eyebrow products I’ve ever encountered. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The eyebrow gel comes in a small tube and contains 7ml or 0.23 worth of product at $21 or P945 in Sephora. I know, P945 is a huge leap from the usual P200-P300 brow product from Etude House and The Face Shop (both of which have product that work well). I was really trying to decide on whether to make the splurge for this ridiculously expensive product that comes in a tiny tube. Well curiosity got the best of me and here am I now writing this review. The tube reminds me of the OCC lip tars tubes and you have to squeeze the tube to get the product out. I chose the shade #15 blonde to match my colored hair.


You only need the teeny-tiniest pod worth of product to fill in your brows. I have incredibly sparse brows (i cry) and yet I still need a really small amount for my brows. The formula has a very creamy gel-like consistency which helps me apply it without breaking a sweat and it’s pigmented as hell which I love. I was actually thinking twice because of the tube’s tiny size but now I know why it’s small.


It’s name really does justice to the product because it lasts ALL DAY. It can withstand my sweat caused by the Manila heat, trust me. Longevity is actually my primary concern with my lower-end brow products. I leave the house with perfectly filled-in brows and come home with slightly patchy brows. :(


I tried showering with it though and I have to say that a significant amount of the product got washed off. Considering that it’s supposed to be waterproof, it sadly did not live up to its claim. This doesn’t really bother me though because I don’t really like to swim. I’m very conscious about my body thus have an all-year strike from wearing swimsuits but that’s a story for another day. I think girls who go to the gym often or girls who play sports may fancy this product.

Tips and Final Thoughts

I like to use and angled brush from Charm Cosmetics to fill in my brows and I use the spooly that it comes with to blend everything together. The brush helps me shape my brows easily. You may use any angled brush to fill in your brows; the stiffer the brush the better.

It costs around P1350 here in Manila, so I suggest that you buy it from Sephora if you know anyone who can ship it to you here. :)

Overall, this is really a must-have brow gel. It fills in the brows beautifully, comes in various shades to match different hair colors, and perfect for busy men and women alike who like to use products that last all day.


i only applied the product on one brow to empashize this amazing product <3


behold my eyebrow savior


my brows fully made up using the Makeup Forever Aqua Brow #15

let me hear your thoughts! :)



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  • Reply Jo Cayabyab

    Yay, you’re back to blogging! Quiet fan here. I’m not sure I’ll shell out that much for an eyebrow product. I got the Etude House brow mascara when I read one of your blog posts and I’m on my third tube (and I never really get a second tube of anything!!!) But this looks gorgeous on you, so maybe I’ll try it when I’m feeling like I want to splurge on something. What I do want to find out is how you get your gorgeous skin! You look better even without makeup! *jealous*

    02/04/2014 at 11:46 AM
    • Reply Maxine Marcelino

      Hi jo!

      Wow thank you so much! :) I’m so glad that you love the eyebrow mascara. I still use it once in a while but I think I’m also actually running out of the product as well hehe. I don’t think there’s a reason for you to have to splurge if you’ve found the right product that works best for you. But then again, this is really a must-try if you’re looking for something to splurge on!:) It lasts longer talaga. :)

      haha and thank you. <3 I think a huge part of the reason why my skin looks like this is because of my parents! haha "mayabang" as it may sound but I think a huge factor that contributes to the "nice" state of my skin is my genes. :)) because both my mom and dad barely get pimples. I do get pimples once in a while but I usually get them on the nose. :) Weird noh? As for caring for my skin, I'm actually pretty low maintenance! I'll put up a post about it one of these days! :)


      02/06/2014 at 5:38 PM
  • Reply Judy

    I bought the #15 but I have black hair with sparse brown when you see it in the sunlight. I worried about it being too brown but I wanted to avoid intense black/dark brows. You think I did a mistake by buying the #15? My brows are pretty full to begin with, so it’s just used to even them out

    11/11/2014 at 7:13 AM
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