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Review: Limited Edition K-Palette 24 Hour Real Lasting Eyeliner


Hello everyone! Happy holidays! I’ve taken a short hiatus because I just wanted to make sure that I spent the holidays with my loved ones without any distractions. :) I’m back with the final installment on the series of reviews that I’ve been doing on K-Palette Cosmetics! You may find my previous product reviews here and here. Today I will be reviewing the K-Palette 24 Hour Real Lasting Eyeliner. :)

The good ol’ eyeliner has got to be among one of the first makeup items every girl/woman will purchase. It’s one of the most basic makeup essentials and it’s very easy to use. I myself have gone through a LOT of eyeliners: Pencil liners, gel liners, liquid liners, you name it! However, the K-Palette 24 Hour Real Lasting Eyeliner has been making waves in the beauty industry and it’s getting hard to turn a blind eye on it. I’ve been wanting to try it out and I was immediately sold on buying it when I saw that it currently comes in a super adorable limited edition packaging!



The K-Palette 24 Hour Real Lasting Eyeliner  is among the top 3 best-selling eyeliners in Japan. It has long surpassed it’s popularity in Japan because it’s slowly becoming a favorite of makeup enthusiasts and normal girls all over the world. According to its website, the eyeliner boasts of 3 special features: its micro-fibre brush, breakthrough and waterproof polymer molecule, and its unique conditioning formula. 



What I Love:

  • The packaging is SUPER CUTE!!! Pink is one of my favorite colors and I love the limited edition packaging of the eyeliner 10x more than it’s regular packaging.
  • Easy to use! No need to shake.
  • The super fine tip makes it very easy to use! This is perfect for girls who are new to make-up and have yet to perfect their “flicks”!
  • You may create various looks with this: sexy Cat eyes, thin lines, thick lines, etc!
  • It’s very pigmented.
  • It’s not shiny unlike other eyeliners. Other eyeliners that produce shiny lines often “crack”, if you get what I mean. haha.
  • You may take it of by splashing water on the eyeliner and rubbing it. (I suggest not to rub though because skin around the eyes is extremely delicate. You’re better off using a makeup remover than having to splurge on expensive eye creams in the future . (; )

What I don’t like:

Tips for application:
  • For beginners, start from the middle of your eye lid. Take you time and you may start out by applying tiny dots close to your lash line and then connect! End by completing the line from your inner eyelid. Try to line as closely to your lids as possible.
  • To keep it from drying out, make sure that you store it with the TIP of the liner facing the surface of your cup/eyeliner holder.
THIS EYELINER IS GOLDEN!! It has definitely reach holy grail status! It’s such a fuss-free product and it has definitely saved me a lot of time on my daily routine. I recommend this to every girl out there. It’s THAT AMAZING. Every girl deserves to know about this amaazing product. :)



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