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A New Everyday Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational


Just like anyone, I go through many phases when it comes to lashes. There are periods of time when I’m obsessed with lash extensions. Then when I feel like my lashes are almost bald, I let them rest and just rely on mascara for everyday or falsies for events. The bottomline is, FULL LASHES ARE LYF. I swear, the right mascara and curler can instantly uplift one’s look. I rely on lashes so much that I consider mascara part of the top 3 makeup products I can’t live without along with concealer and eyebrow pencil.So, when I received the newest Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara from the lovely ladies from Maybelline, I was beyond thrilled for two reasons.


1. I’ve seen it on flatlays COUNTLESS of times on Instagram (@faithpierce, @sarahlovesmakeup). So the first thing I thought of was, “OMG, new flatlay prop!!!”….

2. Well, of course, I always wondered if it was just a pretty product to include in flatlays or if it was actually a really great product.

Aside from that, a facebook friend saw my post on Instagram and immediately messaged me, “OMG, Max. The Maybelline Lash Sensational is already available in Manila? It’s my ultimate fave. OMG.”

So you must imagine how excited I was to try the product out for myself. If you wanna know my thoughts about this, read on!

What Does It Promise?

The Maybelline Lash Sensational promises a smudge, clump, and flake-free experience with a finished effect of clean, flared and volumized lashes. It attempts to do so with it’s patented silicone fanning brush that contains 10 layers of bristles with a liquid ink formula.

DSCF1084 copy

What Really Went Down

True to it’s promise, the silicone wand picked up less product than a regular wand which gave me complete control on applying the mascara onto my lashes. This kind of wand is perfect for my Asian, short and straight lashes because it easily coated my lashes with just the right amount of product. Compared to Maybelline’s The Falsies mascara, (which had a ginormous sized wand that picked up way too much product and thus gave me messy-tarantula lashes) I absolutely loved this product.


The patented fanning wand provided ease of application because of its curved structure. While the other side of the wand was also great for my micro mini bottom lashes. Overall, the wand did a great job at combing through the lashes, carefully coating each strand which gave me a more awakened look.

The formula was able to hold my curled lashes for about 4-5 hours. And i did not experience any smudging or racoon eyes after a whole day of running errands and attending events.


Final Thoughts

The mascara stays true to its promise of providing lengthening in the lashes minus all the mess. What I did not really experience with this product is its supposed volumizing effect. But it really is difficult to get the best of both worlds because a volumizing mascara is more often than not, messy.

Overall, I love this mascara as an everyday mascara because it’s so EASY to use and gives my lashes an instant facelift with just a few squiggles of a wand. The only downside to this mascara is that it doesn’t provide dramatic and intense lashes. Which for me, is ok because it’s GREAT as an everyday mascara.

PS: It’s now available in Maybelline counters nationwide for P429 a pop!

What do you think about this Mascara? What’s your holy grail mascara? Let me know!!!


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